19 Hilarious Tweets Prove People Are STOKED For Fall

Photo: WeKnowMemes
September Fall Autumn Twitter Trend

Brace yourself: pumpkin spice is about to take over.

It's the first day of September, and Twitter is BLOWING up.

With the #september and “Tomorrow is September” trending, tweets are pouring in by the thousands. Whether they’re talking about their favorite thing about the month, or complaining that school is about to start, people are definitely catching September fever. And it’s contagious.

When you think about it, September marks a lot of different milestones. Leaves are changing colors. Stores are about to be PACKED with random Halloween décor. Sweater weather is ON. And the teenage girls are FINALLY back in school, so we can officially reclaim Starbucks as our own (THANK GOD).

So after getting over the primary shock of, “Holy CRAP, where’d the year go?” take a second to think about what the coming of fall means for you.

Besides allergic eruptions, impending holidays with the in-laws, and repetitively having to answer, “Oh how was your summer!?” autumn is pretty friggin awesome.

It’s cuddle season. It’s the (unofficial) start of the Christmas countdown. And you can smell either pumpkin spice or apple cider on basically every corner. 

In the spirit of Fall Fever, we scoured Twitter to see what the world is saying about their favorite and least favorite parts about September. Here are some of our favorites. 

1. Well that's one way to look at it...

2. Who doesn't love autumn leaves?

3. Get ready Little Monsters, Gaga is coming.

4. Cuz they couldn't have texted you before...?

5. Just like that, ALL the holidays started pouring in. 


7. Sometimes you're so happy you've just gotta dance.

8. Make the most of the year while you can. 

9. Cuz logic right? 

10. When you realize you've got SO much to do still. 

11. Potter Heads: It's time to head to Platform 9 3/4

  12. Get it while the getting's good!

  13. So many perks to the fall it's hard to count. 

  14. The puns are going to be SO real...

  15. Pumpkin spice is on the way... I can smell it.

16. Your face be like:

17. But really though ... Where does it all come from??

18. Well he's ALL SET then. Maybe a little early.

19. How is Green Day NOT trending right now?!