Marry A Woman Who Loves What She Does For A Living

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Why You Should Date A Woman Who Loves What She Does

A romantic partner who is full of verve for her work life is invaluable in the long-run.

You can tell a lot about someone based how she feels about her job. Whether she loves her work or hates it, the emotions about the way someone spends most of her energy during her waking hours will inevitably permeate every facet of her life. 

That said, it takes a special kind of person to seek out what makes themselves joyful and turn it into a career. A gal who loves her work is not only inherently full of passion, but she also has the drive to go for what she wants and see it through.

There’s a beautiful sense of independence in anyone who has taken risks to build a career she adores. She’s not going to cling to you or anyone else for validation because she already provides it for herself.


While she may love to receive gifts or free dinners, she's not the type to demand her partner "spoil" her; she's clearly capable of taking care of her own needs, emotionally and financially.

This sort of self-care is infectious and, much like anyone who has found a lifestyle that suits him or herself, a woman who has had the courage to pave her own way tends to want a partner who can self-motivate and self-validate as well as she can. Not only are you NOT going to be required to keep her afloat, but you're going to be challenged to seek the joy in your own career.

A woman who loves what she does will wake up optimistic, if not enthusiastic, about her day no matter the inevitable setbacks she’ll face, and is likely to encourage you to do the same. She’ll be excited to share varying stories about her day — from her new project aspirations to her most insane client interactions — and will be able to sort through even the most challenging moments with objective positivity.

Even when faced with those bad spells we all deal with at our jobs, if she loves what she does, she won't be as likely to let short-term setbacks weigh on her happiness or, worse, define her as a person. 

A romantic partner who is full of verve for her work life is invaluable in the long-run. Unfortunately, one of the first things to leave a relationship is passion, as the novelty of each partner begins to wear off and life settles into a routine.

It’s hard to cultivate passion at home if our work lives are taking a massive toll on us.


A partner with a career that fuels her passion will translate into more energy and joy off the clock as well, and that bodes well for both of you and your time together. If she's rejuvenated instead of drained by her 9-to-5, that equates to more energy and attention with those she loves while off the clock. 

Simply put: Find someone with joie de vivre for her daily work and you’ve found someone who will make sure it stays alive with you, too. A woman who does what she loves tends to apply that mentality to all areas of her life, which means she will demand less from you while also encouraging your own growth and happiness

This is absolutely the type of gal you want in your corner.