Bella Thorne Comes Out As Bisexual And Her Fans Are DELIGHTED

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bella thorne bisexual

Congratulations, Bella!

This week actress Bella Thorne shared that she identifies as bisexual, in a casual and very chill tweet. And verily did the heavens rejoice! And by "the heavens" I mean the entire LGBT community and also me at home in front of my computer. The bisexual community needs more vocal public figures! 


The 18-year old actress was previously in a relationship with the actor Gregg Sulkin known for his role on MTV's Faking It, but the duo ended things with class and style. Their fans were disappointed when the couple split and posted about it a lot on social media. When a fan took to Bella's Twitter account to directly bemoan their split, Thorne was a total lady saying simply: 

How charming is that? It kind of reminds me of old school Hollywood elegance. She couldn't just ignored the fan or said something snide about her ex like so many other do, but not Bella. She stinks of classiness. 

Although Bella hasn't mentioned who she might be dating now, she's been sharing loads of kissy pics of her and Bella Pendergast, her best friend, which has led her fans to speculating, as fans are wont to do.


There are unconfirmed rumors that they two are dating, and let's be real, if they were it would be BEYOND adorable! I mean, they are both named Bella for heaven's sake! For that reason alone I am more than willing to live vicariously through their romance.

As too cute as this duo is, their story is pretty epic too. Bella Pendergast used to date Bella Thorne's older brother. Here's hoping if these ladies are now an official romantic couple it doesn't make this Thanksgiving too awkward for all parities involved. Eep!

 What can we say though? Sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants. 

Rumors about who exactly Bella Thorne is dating now are secondary to the cool way she casually came out of the closet. 

When a fan on Twitter asked her if she was bisexual, she replied with a simple "Yes".  Proving her fans to be totally awesome, they reacted to this news with so much love and support that Bella herself was blown away:

How awesome is that?! I hope more closeted stars can take courage in Bella's decision to be open with not just her fans, but with the world at large. Making the decision to come out of the closet is a tough one that's also deeply personal. Bella's courage to share her true self with the world should be totally applauded.