Leslie Jones’ HILARIOUS Live Tweets Deserve An Olympic Gold Medal

Photo: Twitter
Leslie Jones’ Live Tweets Deserve An Olympic Gold Medal

These 15 tweets prove that NO ONE on Earth loves the Olympics more!

Frankly, I typically feel the same way about Twitter as I do about the Olympics

I get it. They're important to the world. They're entertaining. Everyone and his mother knows about them and knows they should be on top of what is going on there.

But they're soooooo complicated.

There are a bazillion sports, a trillion participants, quadrillions of people crowding around to share both good and not-so-good information. There's just SO much to take in I feel like I don't even know where to start.

All of which means absolutely nothing now that I have caught on to comedian/actress Leslie Jones' positively amaze-balls live tweeting/self-videography.

It's so incredibly, refreshingly riveting!

(I know, I'm a little late to the party. Sue me.)

The sheer, innocent joy of her Tweets honestly makes me feel — in the most non-threatening, non-creepy of ways, of course — as though I am chilling out in her place with her, sharing in all of the exuberant excitement.

And now, the best is only yet to come, as Jones is heading to Rio at the invitation of Jim Bell, NBC Olympics Executive Producer!

Here's a look at just 15 of Leslie Jones' best Olympic Twitter moments  so far ...

1. Her flawless opening.

2. Her enthusiastic celebration of the USA's first medal.

3. Her introductions from the intimate space of her casual home.

4. Wondering along with us WTF that guy was doing running in a cycling event.

5. Her consistency with the outfit.

6. When she said what every American thinks about soccer.

7. When she captured American ingenuity at its finest.

8. When she asked what you KNOW you were wondering about the pool water too ...

9. When she pointed out the obvious connection between the pummel horse and the electric bugaloo.

10. When she perfectly captured the warrior spirit.

11. When she perfectly narrated along with the now famous reactions of Aly Raisman's parents.

12. When she gave the ULTIMATE pep talk.

13. When she made even slow motion feel more exciting.

14. When she guessed, I am sure quite correctly, Michael Phelps warm-up music of choice.

15.When she confirmed that she will be traveling to Rio to make the games even more amazing for us all!