He Won't Marry You Until He Meets THESE 7 People

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He Won't Marry You Until He Meets These 7 People

Want him to pop the question? You might have to make a few introductions...

Getting a guy to marry you is often a matter of timing, more than attraction or anything else. If he hasn't had all the right things happen, he's probably not going to propose.

That being said, talking to the right people can make or break a guy's interest in popping the question. Here are some people he will likely have to meet before he decides to settle with you.

1. The Miserable, Single 40-Year-Old


We all know someone like this. It's the person who never married, wanted to be a playboy his entire life, then realized that looks fade and it may be too late to have what he only now realized he actually wanted.

He's the one that regrets living the bachelor lifestyle, leaving that one girl who wanted to marry him, and skipping out on a nice family life. Seeing what happens when you're all alone in life is often a good wake-up call for men who are scared of commitment.

2. The Happily Married Old Couple

Every good romance movie has us hoping that the two lead characters will turn into this couple eventually. They might have funky names like Mildred and Irving, and they might argue like cats and dogs at times, but they love each other. Oh, lord, do they love each other. It's couples like them that make us believe that true love could exist.

3. The Group Of Friends Who Are All Married


Statistically, men want to settle down around the time that their friends begin to settle down. If he's feeling like the odd one out in his circle of friends just because he hasn't tied the knot, you can bet that he will get down on one knee.

4. The Female Who Rejects Him Very Harshly

If he was skirting the issue of commitment for a long time, it could take one real mean, real harsh rejection to make him realize that being a player isn't worth it.

5. The Bad Ex-Girlfriend

You know how guys often don't know how good they've had it until they've had a taste of what a really terrible ex is like? Yes, he needs to meet that terrible ex. Ideally, she'll be a girl who abused him, stole his stuff, and cheated on him. Once he actually has recovered from that ex, he'll realize how rare a good woman is.

6. The Barmaid Who Gets Weirded Out By Him Hanging Out At A Singles Venue

Another statistic that psychologists had found was that men who felt "odd" or "singled out" at singles events were far more likely to aggressively pursue marriage than men who didn't. If your guy starts to realize that the singles bar scene has gotten old, he will be much more inclined to propose or seek out serious relationships.

7. That One Guy Who Can Actually Talk Sense Into A Man About Marriage


Sometimes, the only person a guy really needs to talk to about marriage is with the one friend who has serious common sense. It doesn't matter whether it's the money savvy accountant who explains how his financial situation would improve by being married, or the friend who tells him that you'll leave if he doesn't marry you doesn't matter.

What does matter is that this will be a person he'll listen to, and that he'll tell him that he's making the best move possible.