How Guys WANT You To Hit On Them (As Told By Guys)

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How Guys WANT You To Flirt With Them (As Told By Guys)

These techniques are SURE to get his attention.

By Sujeiry Gonzalez

Gone are the days where women waited for men to kick game. In fact, many women are bold enough to see a cutie, approach them and ask for their number. But are you doing this effectively?

Much like women, men get turned off by certain approaches. So let’s get the scoop straight from the mouth of penis! Here, a few good men share what works when hitting on them.

1. Strike a bet.

Most men are competitive by nature, so why not saunter over and place a wager? One guy shared how impressed he was when a woman approached him in this manner.

“I was at an Oktoberfest party and she walked over to me and said, ‘My friend bet me a beer that I wouldn’t give you my number. Do you want me to help win a beer?’” Blown away by her confidence, Juan, 32, jotted down his number on a napkin. “We went on a few dates,” he continued, “it didn’t work out due to distance but that was the most memorable pick-up line I’ve ever heard.”

2. Use specifics.

If a guy has dreamy, coffee brown eyes, say so. And if he’s as tall as a flagpole, use it to your advantage. 

Tomas, 30, loved when a girl perched herself up on a chair to meet him eye-to-eye. “She was shorter than me, which most girls are since I’m 6-foot-2, walked up and said, ‘Let’s see which one of us is taller.’” And she didn’t stop there. Shorty climbed up on a stool to see who measured up. “I laughed, it definitely broke the ice,” Tomas added.

3. Drinking games. 

Drinking games are infamous ice breakers, mostly because you’re hammered and can’t remember how to count to 100, but you don’t have to get messy to get the guy. In fact, David, 25, recalls a time when a girl asked him to play Flip Cup and held her own.

“She was good,” he shared, “but even if she was terrible I would have been into her.” That’s because she showed off her spontaneous spirit. “At one point of the game, she high-fived everyone that watched. She was so hype! I really enjoyed that.”

4. Smile and laugh. 

Speaking of laughter, there’s nothing like a good laugh to ease into conversation. Whether you share a great story or simply smile wide, it will get his attention.

As Nick, 37, put it, “A woman that can laugh at life and herself reads as self-confident and light-hearted, and like she doesn’t take life so seriously.” And that’s a great quality.

5. Challenge him to a sport. 

Join him in a sporting event, and you’ll have him wrapped around your finger. 

Mike, 28, suggested to get down and sporty when hitting on a guy. “Dainty girls are a dime a dozen,” he explained, “but a girl who willingly offers to play a game of darts or pool is way cooler.” So take off your stilettos and beat his ass. Then ask for his number.

6. Be clever.

Don’t dumb yourself down to get the guy. Instead, use your wit, just like Maggie did when Roberto caught her eye.

“I was working as a drive-through teller at a bank,” Roberto, 40, said, “and she sent a note up that said, ‘I'd like to withdraw your phone number.’” Impressed, he jotted his number down. They’ve been married nine years now.

7. Be yourself.

I know, I know — what a cliche! But, honestly chicas, there’s no better way to approach a man than by being yourself. Let your guard down and strike up a conversation. Don’t try so hard! In the end, he should be into you. If that’s not enough, go on and kick it to the next guy.

This article was originally published at Latina. Reprinted with permission from the author.