This Taco-Shaped Bed Combines Two Things We LOVE: Naps And Tacos

Photo: refinery29
Nap In Comfort With This Taco-Shaped Bed

Well, now we want a nap...and tacos.

Any lover of naps and sleep will tell you that comfort is the biggest priority when you want to just conk out and go to LalaLand.

Enter the Blandito by Oradaria Design, a transformable pad for those who love comfy places to lay down in. Refinery29 calls it "the lazy person’s dream chair-cushion-pad thingy."

"For every time you need a break, a snooze, a little bit of sweet idleness, Blandito® fits your body, wraps it, hugs it," says the site.

The Blandito is a flat pillow made of malleable materials. It had a good number of prototypes before it became the genius invention it is today. It's child-friendly and fireproof, with a cotton outlayer, and comes in three sizes and various colors. 

The napper can fold this pillow into any shape or form they desire that brings them the most joy, and it's secured by two tapestry balls.

"This means Blandito can be used as a rug, a sleeping bag, a bean bag, or an armchair — at the very least," says Gizmag. 

And just like any lover of both sleep and food, you can totally fold the Blandito into a giant taco bed, slip in, and pretend to be the meat, cheese, and veggies you find in your favorite taco (or, you know, just sleep). This is especially perfect for those who love the warmth of cuddles.

Take a look:

Photo: Refinery29

But it doesn't have to be just a giant taco bed to sleep in. It can also be a fun activity for the kids (remember the child-friendly materials it's made of?) to stir up their imaginations and get them to think creatively. Or even for the adults who want to feel like a kid again.

Sadly and tragically, the Blandito is now sold out, since only a limited number was produced. But who knows? Maybe it will make a comeback if more serial nappers demand it, because, come on, who doesn't want to Netflix and chill on a giant taco bed?!

In the meantime, check out the video below for ideas beyond the taco bed and be mesmerized: