People Who Love Pasta Are Thinner, According To Report

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People Who Love Pasta Are Thinner, According To Science

Get the meatballs ready!

The next time you decide to eat at Olive Garden, you don't have to feel guilty or remorseful when you decide to splurge on a plate of Fettucine Alfredo and effectively ruin your diet. If you're a pasta maniac, this is good news for you.

In a report by Elite Daily, new research found that, despite the notion that consuming pasta makes you gain weight, there is, in fact, no correlation at all. Pasta is all starch, carbs, protein, and all types of vitamins. And when combined with the right ingredients, it can be incredibly delicious and satisfying. 

The research, published on the Italian website Neuromed, is in Italian, and Elite Daily has kindly translated the gist of the research for us. 

"The study found there is no correlation between pasta and high body mass index (BMI)," the article said. "In fact, the more pasta the participants in the study ate, the lower their BMI tended to be."

It turns out that pasta can be a part of a heart-healty Mediterranean diet, which another study found to be one of the best diets for people trying to lose weight. The diet is made of healthy fats, oils, vegetables, and whole grains that are not only delicious, but are also healthy and lower the risk of obesity.


However, it isn't to say that you should now have pasta and only pasta for every single meal for the rest of your life. No, that's just silly! Life is about balance, after all.

According to an LA Times article, Italians aren't fat from consuming pasta because they focus on portion sizeThe recommended portion is three-and-a-half ounces or less per person, and most Italians tend to have pasta as an appetizer rather than the main course. 

So go ahead and indulge in a plate of ravioli. Just remember to still eat a healthy diet, exercise, and consume all good things in moderation. That's how you live the good life!