23 PERFECTLY-Timed Photos That Make Us Thankful For Cameras

perfectly timed

These are amazing!

In today's world of constant photo taking, more and more awesome images are being captured. And that definitely does not include selfies! Whether it's landscape, wildlife, or your average, every day minutia, people take some amazing photographs that really capture human nature at its best, and worst.

But what about the photos that are perfectly timed? You know, the photos taken at the right moment that capture something awesome or hilarious. It could be that you snap a photo of your dad with a silhouette of your dog, making it look like he has a dog head. Or maybe it's a photo of nature, where you get a great shot of an animal eating.

Whatever it is, these coincidences can create beautiful illusions that will make you look twice. Have a look at these awesome, perfectly timed photos:

1. Did someone take off from a rocket ship?

2. There's a dragon in the sky.

3. Looking for something?

4. That's quite an arm...

5. He lives to please.

6. Just sailing along with the moon as a sail.

7. Target locked?

8. Who said Santa's reindeers weren't real?

9. Real life girl on fire. 

10. His aim is true.

11. Make America's wine great again!

12. He found his long lost twin!

13. Real-life Nyan cat!

14. The little birdie that could.

15. A perfect fit.

16. Horse head!

17. A ship in the sky!

18. "My berry!"

19. He's a magnificent butterfly.

20. Can he walk on water?

21. It was a 'hoot' of a wedding.

22. Relax, it's just the baby's feet.

23. Hope he doesn't float away...

This article was originally published at Higher Perspective. Reprinted with permission from the author.