Trump Supporters Really Are More Racist, Says New Study

Photo: huffington post
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Donald, your true colors are showing through your orange spray tan.

Turns out that Donald Trump supporters really are more racist.

While your knee-jerk response might be “Duh,” a recent poll by Reuters determined that Trump supporters really do view black people differently when compared to voters who supported other candidates.

And by differently, we mean they view them far more negatively than any other voters, including those who support other Republican candidates.

Realistically, based on Trump’s outrageous rhetoric, like commentary on the ability of a judge to do his job because of his heritage and the behavior of his supporters at rallies, it was kind of easy to determine that there may be some discrimination in the Donald’s ranks.

But now, according to the Reuters/Ipsos poll, Trump supporters are more likely to view black people as "criminal, unintelligent, and lazy." The poll also found that close to fifty percent of his voters believed that black people were more violent than white people.

Photo: Reuters

Reuters’ poll, which took place from March to June of 2016, included twenty-one questions about race and was comprised of 16,000 Americans.

Coming in behind Trump’s numbers, but still surprisingly high, were Clinton’s supporters — almost one-third of whom also believe that black people were “more ‘violent’ and ‘criminal’ than whites ... and one-quarter described them as more ‘lazy.’”

Though Reuters is quick to point out that only around fifty percent of Trump’s supporters rated black people negatively, they also recognized that the results were still higher than any other candidate’s voters.

“Yet when their answers to the poll questions were compared with responses from supporters of other candidates, Trump supporters were always more critical of blacks on personality traits," analysis of the results showed.

Although Trump’s supporters have these negative views, it might also be indicative of “economic insecurity and social standing,” according to Michael Traugott, a polling expert at the University of Michigan.

Another professor, Lawrence Brown from Morgan State suggests that Trump’s support stems from “the type of policies he is advocating.” These policies include his promise to return manufacturing jobs, fix illegal immigration issues, and stop working with international trade deals that have proven detrimental to Americans in the past.

The return of manufacturing jobs would appeal to many Americans on its own, as nearly 60,000 factories have closed in America in the last fifteen years alone, much of which can be attributed to trade deals that work well for the people brokering them, but not for the general populace. Fears of the TPP trade deal have grown, for instance, since there has been circulation of a possible attempt to push it through at a lame-duck congress meeting after the election

So the poll brings something interesting to light: while a number of Trump supporters — possibly up to fifty percent — may support him for fear of bad trade deals and the restoration of manufacturing jobs, at least half of his supporters have higher than usual racist views as well.

So Trump, there we have it. Your voters really are more racist.