10 Women Reveal What Makes A Man So Much More Than Just A Hookup

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Women Reveal What Makes A Man So Much MORE Than Just A Hookup

Sometimes you just know.

Today's world is well-aware of hookup culture — just take a look at the numerous "dating" apps. Though many of these apps are used for a physical connection, sometimes we meet someone we see potential with.

A while back, I asked 10 men what makes a woman more than just a hookup, so I decided to get the women's point of view. Here's what 10 women had to say about what makes a man boyfriend material and more than just a hookup.

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1. He makes you feel nervous.

"You feel completely at ease around him. He somehow knows how to make you feel comfortable being yourself when you're with him, right from the start. Listen to what your physical reactions are telling you — a little nervousness is normal early on, but if you feel tense around him, that's usually a sign that the guy isn't the one for the long-haul." —Natasha, 24

2. He's comfortable in his own skin.

"For me, a guy is more than hookup material when I'm able to have an intelligible conversation with him and am able to see parts of his true self. I'm attracted to men who are confident in who they are as a person. When they are comfortable and happy with themselves it makes me feel secure with him, like I don't have to impress him and he has the same intentions as I do; to meet and connect with someone and to possibly share some if not all of our life together." —Serene, 27

3. He treats you with respect.

"A guy who treats me with respect and shows me that I'm important. A guy who takes me on dates and remembers my favorite candy, is proud to show me off, and is glad to have nights that you talk until you fall asleep together without having sex because you're that comfortable with each other." —Selma, 32

4. He holds your attention.

"I haven't ever thought of a hookup because I've never actually had just a one-night stand, but for me it's mostly about him being smart and interesting enough to hold my attention." —Elyse, 27

5. He wants to get to know you.

"It's a combination of things. It's a mix of sincerity and general compatibility. I know with my fiancé what made it more than a hookup was that we both really attempted to get to know each other before we ever hooked up. And then there was already so much sexual tension by the time we actually did hookup that neither of us wanted it to end." —Erica, 30

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6. He doesn't overthink it.

"When a girl hooks up with a guy, they need to make it something so they don't feel like they are JUST sleeping with them. I don't think a lot of girls want to just hookup; they probably want more when they hookup with someone, but it doesn't always work." —Jane, 32

7. He's established in his career.

"If a guy is young then it's hard to take them seriously, so that way it would be just a hookup. For a relationship, I'm looking for someone older who is established, mature and financially secure. For a hookup it can be some cute or hot guy who may be in college or just starting off his career." —Jasmine, 31

8. He fits perfectly into your life.

"It's an instinct or gut feeling that tells you whether or not a guy will just be boyfriend material. For me, a guy who is more than just a hookup would be someone who I can talk to freely without any filter, tell him my problems and my insecurities, take him out with my friends — someone around whom I don't have to think too much about how to present myself. A guy who isn't afraid to show that we are together in public and in all vanity, a guy who is proud to show me off. Someone who makes me feel safe and protected." —Rainn, 28

9. He leaves you wanting more.

"For me it is a deeper interest. Just a peak of who they are isn't enough. If you interest me I will want to see more and know more, which, if there is that mutual desire and a level of respect, it's led to me wanting and seeking more than just a hookup. If they're attractive and I have mild amusement it's worth the hookup. If I really want to know more, it's worth keeping them around." —Laney, 29

10. He doesn't waste your time.

"Mutual respect for each other, goals in life, and someone who is able to commit is important. I don't want to waste anyone's time and I don't want anyone to waste mine. When I'm interested in a guy, I try to get to know him more; if not, I don't even care about his last name." —Kathy, 35

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