Doesn't Matter How Old You Are, This Is The Best Way To Find Your Soulmate


Regardless of your age or gender, there are just some dating principles that are applicable in any quest for a solid, long-term relationship.

The dating game has changed — no question there.

Ours is a society of digital relationships. Face-to-face communication has been replaced by texting, social media, and dating sites.

If you're single, you know what we're talking about.


This is especially evident with the Millennial generation where it seems all the traditional dating rules and labels have been purposefully and rebelliously rejected.

It appears that the ‘hookup’ culture has been on the rise for several years, and polls reveal that young adults are not simply swapping marriage for living together, but people are staying single longer and their ideas about the role of relationships and family are changing

But that doesn't mean people are staying out of relationships altogether, it just seems they are less likely to make the more serious commitments associated with moving in together, much less marriage.

I see this trend in my young, single friends and family members. On the surface, most of them appear to be carefree, independent, and happy with the freedom to indulge in immediate gratification, always keeping an eye out for the next best thing.

But sadly, if you manage to engage them in a serious, open discussion, many confess that they secretly want to have an intimate, long-term relationship.

They're confused by the blurry role definitions and floundering when it comes to figuring out how to fulfill this need for permanence and security in our modern atmosphere of non-commitment.

But it doesn't matter if you're a struggling Millennial or an older single who's overwhelmed by the new world of online dating; there are solid dating and relationship principles that will ALWAYS apply.

Our YourTango Experts panel members share their most important pieces of this dating advice in the video above. And these are seriously 

Advice that will perhaps shift your focus onto areas you may be neglecting that are critical for achieving a successful dating or relationship experience. Melanie Gorman (YourTango Experts Senior VP) leads this discussion and gains valuable insight from author Arielle Ford, Marriage & Family Therapist Dr. Foojan Zeine, Marriage & Couples Counselor Rhoberta Shaler and Life Coach Renee Jain.

Dr. Zeine points out that finding your soulmate has to start with YOU.

Yes, you want to make a big list of what your soulmate should be like. You want to think about THEM, dream about the love, and fantasize.

But you need to start with what you have to offer, what you really want from the relationship itself, and who you really are inside. The real you, who won't have to twist herself into a pretzel to fit what your "ideal" partner would want.

There is so much wisdom in the video, from all of the women in the room, that a great first step to figuring out the best way to about finding love (or even your soulmate) might be sitting down and taking some time to hear what a few true Experts in the field of love have learned in their practices — and their lives!

If you need more dating advice or have any other relationship question, check out the websites of Arielle, Foojan, Rhoberta or Renee directly. They are here to help!