7 People Reveal The Depressingly Honest Reasons They Got Married

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 Honest reasons people get married

"I needed money for school."

We get married because we're in love and want to be together forever, right? Well, sometimes. Some of us have a storybook romance with a happily ever after fairy-tale wedding. But for others, the reasons we choose to get married are a lot more complicated.

1. I needed money for school.

"I was 20 years old and my then-boyfriend was 22 years old. He had over-extended his visa by over a decade and needed a proper visa to work legal jobs. I knew by being married and declaring myself independent from my parents, it would secure me more financial aid for college. So we got married! Turns out love should be a priority to entering a legally binding partnership, not the financial benefits. The divorce was such a headache!" Anonymous

2. I wanted to change my last name.

"My relationship started out as a one-night stand, but we moved in together officially after a month. We were both legally still married to our exes. He was relocating for his job and I decided to tag along. After six months we decided we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

We agreed to get married, so I would change my last name to his. I was still carrying my ex-husband's name (because my children shared that last name). After our divorces were finalized, we were still procrastinating. But then I entered an all-expenses paid wedding and reception as a joke. Lo and behold, we won! We were officially married April 30." Lauren

3. I was pregnant.

"I got married because I was pregnant at 20. My first love and I had been dating since I was 15. My parents were devastated. There was a fire at my house and the insurance company placed us in a hotel. That is where the talk happened. My parents told us the right thing to do was to get married. We were in love, but not necessarily ready for marriage, but who ever is?

I really wanted to get out of my parent's house and I thought getting married was the perfect exit. I also thought about the wedding party. I was 20, that is how my brain worked at the time." Karla

4. I needed a companion for New Year's Eve.

"I got married partly because my father said to me, 'I will not be able to peacefully pass away until you are settled.' So, no pressure there. Also, I decided I was sick of stressing about what to do on New Year's Eve. I still don't do anything, but it's nice to have someone to not do anything with." Anonymous

5. I didn't understand the love I deserved.

"First marriage: I was 17, he was 19, and I was a senior in high school. I became pregnant and was raised in church, so I didn't really want to get married. I wanted to go to the Army. But I was always taught that it was better to be married, especially since I was pregnant (big mistake). I wasn't ready nor mature enough to get get married. Plus, he was my first boyfriend.

Second marriage: It was about a year after my first divorce. I was looking for love in the wrong way. You have to already love yourself before you can marry/love someone else.

Third marriage: I was mature and actually ready to be married the right way. Unfortunely, he deceived me to believe he was someone he wasn't (which he admitted to, after we got married). Six months into the marriage, he became very abusive in every which way possible." —LaVonya

6. He was going to serve in the military.

"We got married earlier than we planned to because he was going off to serve in the military. We didn't get to communicate much while he was stationed, and then when he returned, it felt a bit like we were strangers instead of man and wife. In retrospect, we should have dated while he was away and seen if we wanted to get married when he returned." Anonymous

7. I wanted to have sex after waiting so long.

"We come from religious families and sex before marriage is an absolute no-no. But when you're very attracted to someone, waiting is very hard. So, we got married. No regrets!" Anonymous