China: STOP IT: This Racist Detergent Commercial Is SO Not Okay


Seriously. WTF?

There are some commercials that are crazy and bizarre to catch people's attention. Foreign commercials fall into this category a lot because of cultural barriers.

But there's one Chinese commercial that has gone viral for being crazy in a racist way.

The commercial is selling laundry detergent so it has an Asian woman doing her laundry. All of a sudden, a black man walks in and seemingly tries to kiss her. She turns him down by pushing him into the dish washer. 

But that's not all. After he goes through a spin cycle, he comes out as an Asian man.

This woman doesn't seem to have a problem with this at all, and seems interested in the same person because he changed race. So basically, this company, Qiaobi, is saying black people are dirty and undesirable.


The video has not only gone viral online, but it's being shown in movie theaters and on television in China, according to Shanghaiist. As if the premise of this wasn't already racist and terrible, it also is completely unoriginal.

A commercial has already been made with this same exact situation for an Italian company called Coloreria. In that ad, a husband seems to wish his white wife was black so he stuffs her into a washing machine. She comes out as a black man and the words "what women want" appear, which is probably supposed to be funny but is still really uncomfortable


Both commercial uses the same idea that race can and should be something we want to wash off. This is hopefully a bad marketing trend that will die with the viral backlash.