First Impressions Don't Mean Sh*t! Even Psychos Seem Cool At First

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First Impressions Mean Nothing! Even Sociopaths 'Seem' Cool

You ALWAYS need to dig deeper.

When we visualize the kind of love we want in our lives, we picture fate-driven meetings, intense romance and being able to rely entirely on faith that everything will work out. 

It's beautiful, really, but it's also kinda horse shit. 

I can say with absolute certainty that 100% of the dating mistakes I've made were because I gave the guy my full trust without ever wondering if he deserved it.

And you what? None of them really did. 


Instead of taking the time to get to know someone, I would jump into relationships head first, ignoring all my instincts, cruising past every red flag and believing that the person I found was deserving of my trust simply because they liked me and they existed. 

While it felt romantic and wonderful at the time, seeing it on paper makes me look like a little sad. 

We don't want love to be logical because it sounds boring and opposite of everything we've grown to want in the movies. 

And while you might still need to experience some of those crazy-passionate-but-super-fleeing-romances, I urge you — for both you sanity and your safety — to do some research. 


I'm not talking about going full-on stalker mode (because honestly, if you feel the need to do that then he's not worth it anyway), but do the work it takes to really get to know someone. 

Hang out with him alone. Hang out with him with his friends, your friends, total strangers. Figure out his hobbies and see if they're similar to yours or something you could at least respect. Ask him about his family, his past relationships, his future goals.

Google his name and see if you find a mug shot. Observe the way he acts around other women, his mom, and the waitress.

You might like what you find, but you might not. 


When you first like someone, it's so tempting to just fall into the excitement and ignore everything else. But you're doing yourself (and him) a huge disfavor by not taking it slow. 

You could hang out a few times and realize that there are some serious, nonnegotiable differences between you. Or on the more terrible end of the spectrum, you could find out he's actually kind of a psychopath or sociopath.  

Everyone is on their best behavior when they give a first impression. But relationships can't be developed without real authenticity, so what's the harm in waiting? 

Taking your time to get to know someone will get rid of all the guys who aren't serious about you and only make room for those that are. 

And you're so worth that.