DAMN: These Steamy New Sexting Emojis Got Us All Hot And Bothered

Photo: Lifestyles
Steamy New Sexting Emojis

Get yo sext on!

When sending a particularly steamy and sexy text, you might end it with a winky face or the smiley with its tongue sticking out. Or maybe a combination of the pointing finger and the fingers that form an "o." You get creative with what your iPhone or Android offers. Sometimes, it can be difficult to express your thoughts via the available emojis. 

But what if we told you there's now a way to be more direct?

With this in mind, LifeStyles Condoms created a new "sexting" emoji keyboard. There are four categories to choose from: people, places, things, and phrases. So, you can most definitely get even more creative with sex locations, lingerie, and even condoms. And they don't take too many words — just one photo.

1. When you want to make it clear exactly what you want when they get home.

2. When you want them to know what's going on down there.


3. When you're in the mood for roleplay.

4. When you want to try something new, and kinky.

5. When you want some alone time together ... in the bathtub.

6. When you're looking for some fun with other ladies.

7. When you just really need help with the "laundry."

8. When you feel like giving a sexy surprise.

9. When you get right to the point about your needs.

All images: LifeStyles Condoms

Excited? You can get them now. Happy sexting!