This Guy Got High On 52 Drugs, Then Drew Trippy Self-Portraits

Trippy Self-Portrait

This is your brain on drugs.

Bryan Lewis Saunders is a D.C. based artist who has drawn more than 8,000 self-portraits, one for every day of the last 21 years. He's also taken a f*ckton of drugs. Saunders created a self-portrait for each drug (or drug combination) he took. The results? Pretty... interesting. Check it out:

Drug: 25I-NBOMe

Drug: Abilify, Xanax, and Ativan, dosage unknown

Drug: Abilify, 90mg (after three months usage, three times the maximum dose)

Drug: Absinth, 1 small glass

Drug: Adderall, 10mg

Drug: Alcohol

Drug: Ambien, 10mg

Drug: Ativan, Haloperidol, dosage unknown

Drug: Bath salts

Drug: Buspar, 15mg snorted

Drug: Butalbitals, dosage unknown

Drug: Butane honey oil

Drug: Cephalexin, 250mg (painted with watercolor pencil, water and Cephalexin)

Drug: Cocaine, 1/2 gram

Drug: Computer duster, two squirts

Drug: Cough syrup, two bottles

Drug: Crystal meth, one "bump"

Drug: Cyclobenzaprine​, 20mg

Drug: Dilaudid, 4mg

Drug: Dilaudid, one shot; Morphine, three shots

Drug: DMT, during and after

Drug: Geodon​, 60mg

Drug: Hash

Drug: Heroin, snorted

Drug: Huffing gas

Drug: Lighter fluid, huffed

Drug: Hydrocodone, 7.5mg; Oxycodone, 7.5mg; Xanax, 3mg

Drug: Khat, chewed and in tea

Drug: Klonopin, 3mg

Drug: Lithium, 300mg

Drug: Lortab, 10mg

Drug: Sh*tty LSD

Drug: Marijuana, Kine bud

Drug: Marijuana, G13

Drug: Marijuana resin

Drug: Morphine I.V., dosage unknown

Drug: Psilocybin mushrooms, two caps

Drug: Nicotine gum, 2mg, after quitting smoking for two months

Drug: Nitrous Oxide

Drug: Nitrous Oxide, Valium I.V., dosage unknown

Drug: Opium

Drug: PCP

Drug: Percocet, 7.5mg

Drug: Pot brownies, two

Drug: Pruno, one glass

Drug: Risperdol, 4mg

Drug: Ritalin, snorted, dosage unknown

Drug: Salvia Divinorum

Drug: Seroquel, 100mg

Drug: Sodium Thiopental

Drug: Soma, 250mg

Drug: Tramadol, 100mg

Drug: Trazadone, 100mg

Drug: Valium, 20mg

Drug: Valium I.V., dosage unknown

Drug: Valium I.V. of Albuterol, saline, and oxygen mixture

Drug: Xanax, 2mg

Drug: Zoloft, 50mg

Drug: Zyprexa, 10mg

This article was originally published at Higher Perspective. Reprinted with permission from the author.