5 Ways Harry Styles Is Basically Saving The WORLD

Photo: WeHeartIt
harry styles

Harry Styles (and his beautiful hair) is our new hero.

A lot of celebrities try to be more than just famous people. For some reason, being rich and famous isn't enough; they have to be important.

They don't want to just entertain  they want to change the world. Usually, it doesn't work and it's super embarrassing. Seriously, famous people, stop it.

But some celebs are actually able to pull it off. Take Harry Styles, for example. He mainly serves as the heartthrob from One Direction, but he's also the political one.

He's pretty outspoken about his views, but he's never too obnoxious about it. Usually, when a celeb tries to get political, they just end up saying some super-obvious point, but condescendingly.

The difference with Harry is that he actually seems to make a difference. It's probably because he's got that British accent. It just makes everything he says charming.

Even if you're a complete right wing nut, you'd hear him speak and go, "I don't know why, but I agree with him..." He's doing what he can to save the world, and here are 7 ways he's doing it:


1. He saves dolphins.

Harry Styles made headlines when he told audiences that dolphins shouldn't be at SeaWorld. SeaWorld has had a rough year due to tons of accusations that they mistreat the animals and trainers.



2. His anti-SeaWorld statement had more of an effect than Blackfish did.

Remember that documentary Blackfish that everyone was talking about a year or so ago? Well, the entire documentary got less reaction than Harry saying 8 words on the subject. Seriously, more people reacted on social media to him than the documentary.



3. He's a feminist.

Back when Emma Watson publicly asked all men to stand up for feminism, Styles tweeted out a picture of him holding a sign that said #HeForShe.



4. He hung out with under privileged kids.

During One Direction's world tour, Harry spent one of his breaks hanging out with under privileged kids in Cape Town, South Africa. He just decided to stop by and help the Lalela Project, a charity that helps underprivileged kids participate in the arts. The visit was unannounced and was a wonderful surprise for everyone involved.



5. He inspired Taylor Swift.

Harry is one of the many ex-boyfriends who's fueled Taylor Swift's career. It's never been officially confirmed, but there are several songs that really seem like they're about Harry. For example, "Style" is so blatant that it could've been called, "Hey Harry, This Is About You!"