Can We All Agree To Stop Live-Tweeting Other People's MISERY?

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It's the lowest form of entertainment.

Hey, let's stop live-tweeting people's break-ups. It's stupid and pathetic and let's just stop. Stop doing it, stop retweeting it, stop following the hashtags. Just stop.

If you don't know what live-tweeting is, let me explain: It's when someone tweets updates about something that's happening in real time. They include a hashtag so everyone on Twitter can follow along and it's a great way to pick up new followers.

There are times when it's cool to live tweet. For example: the Super Bowl or The Oscars.

People also live tweet newsworthy events. Let's say a train derails and people start tweeting about it. That makes sense because it's an important story and it helps get information out there.

But there's other times when live-tweeting is just scummy. 

Most recently, some empty, soulless woman live tweeted the break-up between a (possibly) drunk couple while stuck on a delayed flight.

Not only did she post updates about what the couple was saying, she also included pictures. The hashtag went viral and she received thousands of retweets.

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Oh and also, our souls died a little bit.

This sort of live-tweeting is the WORST. There's no reason for it to exist and there's no reason to follow along with it. Let's break it down.

For people who do it:

It's rude to make a scene in public. You know what's more rude? Live-tweeting that scene. Whatever judgment the live-tweeter is making about their subjects, the truth is way worse about them.

Live-tweeters are the bottom of the barrel. They're not creating anything; they're just repeating what other people are doing. There's nothing creative about it; there's nothing artistic or intellectual about it.

They're also not reporting news. A drunk couple broke up loudly on a plane. OK, who cares? These aren't famous people. They're just two regular people doing things regular people do. This isn't something the general publics needs to know about.

People who live-tweet stuff like this are so lonely and desperate for attention that they need to take advantage of other people's drama.

Live-tweeters are just glorified Peeping Toms. They claim "this couple decided to do this in a public space, so it's my business now." No, no it isn't.

Live-tweeting is just the Internet's version of “point and laugh.” You know, that thing bullies do in school? It's not a clever thing; it's just saying, "Look at those people, so nobody notices how worthless I am!"

We all want attention, especially on Twitter. We all love getting retweets and going viral. But do it by creating something. Be witty or clever or smart. Live-tweeting horrible things two people are going through is you failing as a human being.

The reason why live-tweeting is worse than making a scene is because the people making the scene are emotional. They're not thinking clearly — ut the live tweeter is. The live tweeter is making a calm, rational decision to blast out the dirty details of what he/she is witnessing.

True, both parties are being rude but the difference is that the live-tweeter is being rude on purpose.

For people who enjoy it:

How empty is your life? Seriously, is this what you find entertaining? It doesn't matter what stance you take on it. Give people their privacy.

This isn't a fictional story; this is real drama that two real people are dealing with. 

Basically, if you find this entertaining, you're a sociopath. These are two real people and you have no empathy at all for them. Good job!

Part of the justification people use for behavior like this is shaming. They think that just because these people made a scene and made everyone on the plane uncomfortable, they deserve to be publicly shamed. Which is really stupid.

If you got dumped in a public place and a scene was made? Not only are you heartbroken, but you're also embarrassed. Then, imagine you go home and find out that some creep watched the whole thing and broadcasted it onto Twitter?

Yeah, that sounds awful, right? Well, that's what you did to somebody. It's disgusting.

We all need to get off our high horses about this. Sh*t happens. As long as it's not a regular thing, it's not a big deal.

Plus, you don't have your own life to worry about? Your own friends and family? You have to get involved in other people's drama? If you were on the plane, would you get involved in the argument? Probably not, because it's none of your business.

Well, just because someone puts it on Twitter doesn't make it your business.

The point is: Live-tweeting breakups is creepy and weird and pathetic. It's not entertainment, and given how much actual entertainment is available to us everyday, you don't need this.