Dear Frazzled Brides, 4 Signs You Need To Book A 'Weddingmoon' ASAP

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Pause and reconnect with each other before "the big day."

My client, Erica, was so stressed out before her wedding I suggested she jump on a growing trend: taking a Weddingmoon (a term first coined by Sandals Resorts)

Despite her fears that she didn't have time, she now swears that the weddingmoon saved her sanity, her wedding, and most importantly allowed her to rekindle those gaga feelings for her man.

What's a Weddingmoon?  

Don't worry, this new trend isn't meant to replace the honeymoon. Nope. Instead it's a planned getaway taken prior to the wedding, so that the two of you can slow down, blow off some stress, reconnect, and simply enjoy time together before the flurry of wedding related activities make you crazy busy.

Though it may sound impractical to take a trip before your wedding given all that's required of you (from honoring tights budgets to carefully using limited vacation days) — your weddingmoon is the break you need to ensure that your wedding day is a blissful day you actually enjoy.

Here are 4 signs a weddingmoon is exactly what YOU need to shake of the stress of wedding planning and reconnect with your sweetie: 

1. You're Going Bat Sh*t Crazy

Wedding planning often consumes your life. There are just too many decisions to make. Are you feeling overwhelmed with wedding blogs, Pinterest boards, and bridal magazines? Are you losing sleep over the final decision of shrimp or bruschetta appetizers? Stressed out by trying to appease everyone else? Beginning to have nightmares that everything will go awry on the big day?

Darling, you are going to drive yourself crazy if all you do is obsess.

Stepping back from all those decisions and sneaking away with your fiancé for a romantic weddingmoon allows you to relax and stop focusing on the details of planning. Honestly, you're going to offend, disagree with, and feel guilty about something (or someone) during the planning process. Getting back on the same emotional page with your fiancé about where to draw the line will help. Time away together helps you focus on preparing for the important part that really matter ... our future MARRIAGE. 

2. You're Becoming Bridezilla

Is every waking — and sleeping — moment dedicated to making sure "your day" is perfect? Are you obsessing over the tiniest of details? Are you barking orders at your maid of honor? Have you become that bride that everyone dreads taking a call from? And is your soon-to-be-spouse starting to think less of you because of your intensity? 

Darling, perfection doesn't exist! So taking this mini vacay is just what you need to take a step back and regain some perspective. Time with just you and your groom-to-be will help remind you that you aren't in this alone; you have a loving and capable partner in this! Get his input to anything you're worrying about.

Relaxing with your honey (and some hot sex) are great cures for all that pre-wedding stress.

3. You're Families Are Ruining Everything

Is your mother taking over the wedding planning so that you can have her dream wedding? You wanted a simple bouquet of calla lilies, yet you now have a rose-filled cascade because your mom loves roses? Did his sister take over when the bridesmaids met to pick dresses and now you hate the dresses (and her bossy attitude)? Is your mother-in-law insisting you invite all his cousins from New York AND California and now your intimate wedding of less than 100 guests is well over 200?

Whether you're frustrated over all the family interference or have agreed to wave the bridal white flight and try to keep the peace, a weddingmoon allows you and your fiancé a chance to take a break from your families.

As a way to find a little love, reminisce with your fiancé about those positive memories you each have of time with your families. You can also create a game plan — together — about how you'll manage the inescapable family conflicts as you get closer to the wedding.

4. You Can't Remember WHY You're Getting Married

Here is the biggest reason of all to sneak away together for some alone time. Are you spending more time with your wedding planner than with your fiancé? Has your to-do list become so overwhelming that you haven't had a date night in ages? Constantly, frustrated over how relaxed your fiancé is while you're a bundle of nerves? Are you questioning whether the stress of this wedding is worth it?

We can get carried away in the details, but remember your wedding has one purpose ... celebrating the start of your marriage. The inevitable stress of wedding planning, along with all the little conflicts that happen along the way, can put a big strain on your relationship.

Make sure you still like each other by the time you reach the altar! 

This weddingmoon adventure allows you to take a break from the wedding planning trenches, step away from all the stress, and spend some quality time together. It's important to remember why you fell in love. As well as, looking forward to the bright future you two are about to share.

While a weddingmoon sounds like a luxury, you don't have to go overboard. If your budget or limited vacation days don't allow for a long trip, a simple weekend away with your sweetie is all you need. Taking a weddingmoon allows you to connect with your partner and set the stage for managing life's stresses together.

A self-admitted Tarnished Southern Belle, Debra Smouse is a life coach living in Dayton, Ohio. She believes in order to live happily ever after, you have to create a daily life you love. Connect with her at DebraSmouse.com, on Facebook, and Twitter.