6 Shows NBC Should DEFINITELY Offer Casey Anthony

Photo: Casey Anthony via Photobucket
casey anthony pole dancing drinking

Because if anyone deserves a paid television appearance, it's Tot Mom.

Casey Anthony is being paid big bucks to tell her story on NBC, and it's still unclear which NBC program is going to feature the most hated woman in America. As a result, we came up with a few television ideas of our own for Anthony's big non-courtroom television debut. If you're squeamish or don't have a dark sense of humor, stop reading now or else you're going to be angry.

1. The Casey Anthony Science HourFinally, learn important and fun scientific facts, like the difference between chlorophyll and chloroform!

2. Mom Knows BestFind out the best life hacks from one of the ultimate lifehackers ever.

3. Eyebrow InterventionLet's be honest, America. A lot of crimes are (allegedly) committed by citizens with overplucked eyebrows. They're almost always a sign or a warning of a much bigger problem, be it a meth habit or a general lack of self-control. Casey Anthony's eyebrows were overarched and overtweezed. Now that she's learned her lesson and paid her dues in the court of public opinion, she'll share her wisdom with budding criminals and wannabe cholas everywhere.

4. Who Wants To Marry A MILFLike every marriage-inducing reality show, this one will have a big twist!

5. If They Did It: Casey Anthony will reveal how she, O.J. Simpson, George Zimmerman and more would have committed murder, if they ever chose to commit murder. If.

6. Casey Anthony's Baby BodiesCasey Anthony reveals insider secrets on where to hide them and how to lose your own baby weight for good!