7 Reasons Feminist Men Make Better Husbands, Says Science

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feminist man

Go forth and find your equal.

When on the hunt for a good husband there are many things you should check off the list: maturity, common interests, and attractiveness, to name a few. But what about whether or not he is a feminist?

Many men and women shy away from the label, mostly because they're using the definition incorrectly. Being a feminist — man or woman — simply means you believe in equality between men and women. (And who doesn't want to marry someone who believes they are equals with their partner in this day and age?)

But if you're still on the fence, here are seven reasons why men who support feminism make better husbands!

1. They love Ryan Gosling as much as you do.

A study from University of Saskatchewan found that men are more likely to agree with feminist statements when they come from Ryan Gosling memes. Um, sort of depressing that men are more likely to become a feminist because of a white guy instead of, you know, women.

But whatever gets them there is good with us. Plus: Ryan Gosling!

2. Your sex will be better — and more often.

Men are just as able to do chores like women  and the men who do get busy more often. According to a study, couples who share chores equally have equal, if not better, sex than other couples. Also, the wives in these equal marriages report higher levels of satisfaction with their marriage.

3. They'll stick around even if you get sick.

If more couples were honest when exchanging vows, we would hear a lot more women saying "I do" after promising to be there through sickness and in health.

A study found that when wives get ill, it increases the risk of the couple getting a divorce by six percent but if the husband gets ill, there isn't any effect. This is because many men want a wife to support them ... not the other way around. Lucky you, though: A feminist man shouldn't have any problem with this.

4. They'll love your daughter and son equally.

No mother wants to think that her husband would be a monster to ever think this, but studies show that marriages who have a firstborn daughter are more likely to end than ones with firstborn sons.

Why? Because men relate to boys better so they want to raise them. Want a husband that values his daughter as much as a son? Get a feminist husband.

5. They're less likely to have sexist attitudes.

Do you believe you have the right to make decisions over your own body? Well, research found that men who believe you DON'T have that right are also linked to sexist attitudes. If you want a guy who respects your decision then back away from the pro-lifers.

6. They're less likely to be entitled.

Is there anything worse than spending time with an entitled jerk? Science has found that men who feel entitled are more likely to have hostile views of women. So if your guy starts behaving as if he should just be handed things, run the other way.

7. They won't tell stupid, sexist jokes.

Everyone's sense of humor is different, but some jokes are more harmful than humorous. Sexist jokes have been found to make men feel comfortable with expressing sexist views in front of others.

A feminist husband, on the other hand, would know that there are actual funny jokes out there that don't promote sexist gender stereotypes.