7 Surprising Things Married Couples Miss About Being Single

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miss about being single

"I love my life, but ... "

Marriage is the ultimate act of commitment. Once you say "I do," you are saying "I don't" to a lot of the freedoms you enjoyed as a single person. It's an intimidating prospect, and yet many of us hope against hope to be able to make that commitment one day and keep it forever.

So, once you are married, what changes? And what do you miss? We asked a bunch of married couples just what they miss about their single days. Some of the answers are pretty hilarious!

1. Making my own decisions

Having to always get someone else's input on decisions. iIm such an impulsive do-er and have always been very independent that it's frustrating for everything to have to go through what feels like committee review. also — food. i feel like I would eat way better if I didn't always have to consider someone else's dietary needs.

2. Nothing!

"I can't say there's anything I miss, if either one of us want to go out with friends or just be alone, we respect that." 

3. Freedom to travel

"Single life for me was never about dating egregiously — it was just the freedom to come and go as I pleased. Now I have this on-off again battle with my husband every time I have to travel for work, and it makes total sense, but it's just SO different from what it was before marriage. I kind of like knowing that I'll be missed, but for some reason my mid is hardwired to think I'm as free as a bird (if a bird had a husband and three small kids)."

4. That magical first kiss
"First kisses! Especially that magical moment when he leans in and you hold your breath it's going to happen."

5. Alone time

"I love my husband, but now I have a roommate ... forever. And he's a very messy one. I just like to not be on a schedule and come home to dishes and dirty underwear strewn about. Sucks."

6. Party of one

"Wandering the city by myself was something I really enjoyed as a single that I can't do now."

7. Nothing to miss

"I don't miss being single. My hubs is my best friend and that has always come first before anything."