21 Things More Mature Than Justin Bieber On His 21st Birthday

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Justin Bieber is 21 today. Think it'll make him change his bad widdle boy ways?

After a year that involved drunk driving allegations, arrests for egg throwing, a million breakups and make-ups with Selena Gomez, hookers, strippers, a horrific peroxide dye job and more tribulations, Justin Bieber is finally 21 years old.

The onetime boy wonder is trying desperately to clean up his image, from using Ellen DeGenere's daytime talk show as a launchpad for his apology tour to volunteering to get roasted on Comedy Central. While we're not entirely sure whether we buy it (more on that here), perhaps now that he's well into being a legal adult, as well as legal drinking age, he's committed to cleaning up his act just for the sake of avoiding potential deportation and prison time.

Now that Bieber can legally drink stateside, will he man up in other ways? Will he stop hanging out with Chris Brown? Will he stop trolling his exes on Instagram? Will he quit hanging out with call girls? Will he go back to making music instead of trouble? (Say what you want about the kid, but he is talented.) Heaven only knows. We want to root for Justin Bieber. Really. But he makes it really hard to do that sometimes when he acts like the spoiled brat he was groomed by his parents and management to be.

On that note, there are plenty of people and things more mature than our current incarnation of Justin Bieber. Here are 21 of them to really drive the point home until he proves otherwise.

This bottle-feeding baby elephant.
Baby elephant - <a href="http://www.giphy.com"/>Giphy</a>

Baby elephant - Giphy

This puppy playing with a stuffed chick.
Puppy - <a href="http://www.giphy.com"/>Giphy</a>

Puppy - Giphy

This sassy toddler.
Toddler girl - <a href="http://www.giphy.com"/>Giphy</a>

Toddler girl - Giphy

Baby Sinclair.
Baby Sinclair - <a href="http://www.giphy.com"/>Giphy</a>

Baby Sinclair - Giphy

These dogs pushing strollers.
Stroller dogs - <a href="http://www.giphy.com"/>Giphy</a>

Stroller dogs - Giphy

This polar bear cub.
Polar bear cub - <a href="http://www.giphy.com"/>Giphy</a>

Polar bear cub - Giphy

Charlie Duncan.
Charlie Duncan - <a href="http://www.giphy.com"/>Giphy</a>

Charlie Duncan - Giphy

This handsome fellow.
Baby - <a href="http://www.giphy.com"/>Giphy</a>

Baby - Giphy

This guy with the sweet moves.
Dancing baby - <a href="http://www.giphy.com"/>Giphy</a>

Dancing baby - Giphy

This confused little bugger.
Baby in window - <a href="http://www.giphy.com"/>Giphy</a>

Baby in window - Giphy

Blue Ivy Carter. Bow down.
Blue Ivy Carter and Beyonce - <a href="http://www.giphy.com"/>Giphy</a>

Blue Ivy Carter and Beyonce - Giphy

These curious tiger cubs.
Tiger cubs - <a href="http://www.giphy.com"/>Giphy</a>

Tiger cubs - Giphy

This baffled baby.
Baby with walker - <a href="http://www.giphy.com"/>Giphy</a>

Baby with walker - Giphy

This emotionally conflicted baby.
Baby with ice cream - <a href="http://www.giphy.com"/>Giphy</a>

Baby with ice cream - Giphy

This baby tuning out the too-loud world.
Baby with headphones - <a href="http://www.giphy.com"/>Giphy</a>

Baby with headphones - Giphy

This unimpressed baby.
Baby in black and white - <a href="http://www.giphy.com"/>Giphy</a>

Baby in black and white - Giphy

This baby with more facial hair than Justin Bieber can muster.
Baby with a mustache - <a href="http://www.tumblr.com"/>Tumblr</a>

Baby with a mustache - Tumblr

This disgusted baby.
Disgusted baby - <a href="http://www.giphy.com"/>Giphy</a>

Disgusted baby - Giphy

This baby sloth.
Baby sloth - <a href="http://www.giphy.com"/>Giphy</a>

Baby sloth - Giphy

This acrobatic baby and his buddy.
Baby doing a headstand - <a href="http://www.giphy.com"/>Giphy</a>

Baby doing a headstand - Giphy

Zedd. At least Selena Gomez thinks so.
Selena Gomez kiss - <a href="http://www.giphy.com"/>Giphy</a>

Selena Gomez kiss - Giphy