4 Smart Reasons To Shack Up With Your Guy BEFORE Marriage

tent couple

Living in sin is in.

By Ashley Kaylor

As long as your relationship timeline IS NOT as follows: You’ve known him for a week, you now think you’re “madly” in love, and you're ready to start picking out curtains, then the following reasons are perfectly applicable.

However, if you've been quick to jump the gun, you need to slow down, girlfriend. You’re not ready, nor is he, and you’re setting yourself up for a short stay and a knock at your parents door...again.

But for those who have put in the time and the effort, and are in this for the long haul, here are the top 4 reasons why living in sin is in!

1. Cha ching!

So, Monday through Wednesday you spend at his place, and every weekend he’s at yours. How does that make sense financially? It just doesn't. Realistically, you’re paying for two places when you’re with each other 98% of the time.

Tip: bunk up, save some money, and start paying off your bills. Then make mom and dad “proud” by taking that extra cash to Vegas to elope! Or you can save up for a lavish wedding - whatever works.

2. Two peas in a pod.

We know, we know, "You know your beau better than anyone else. You two never fight, never keep secrets from each other, and your relationship is just perfect!” Blah blah blah.

This very well may be true, but trust me, there will always be new discoveries that pop up once you start living with each other. Whether they’re good or bad, that’s to be determined. You may just find that your Rico Suave ain't so suave when you catch him clipping his nose hairs into the sink. Yuck! On the flip side, at least now you’ll really know everything about each other.

3. To do list.

Folding laundry is annoying, washing dishes ruins your manicure, and vacuuming is just a headache! Now, if you found someone to share those responsibilities with you (while shirtless), that's all the more reason to shack up. Living with someone allows for you to share responsibilities, which then pushes you both to become more productive.

Productivity is growth. Growth is the future. See where we're going here?

4. Pass or fail.

Last, but not least, moving in together is the ultimate test. You either adapt to each other’s routines or find that your lifestyles are just too different. Though you'll both be faced with a new set of challenges, you're at least taking the next step and learning whether you're really compatible.

If you're still positive about the relationship after moving in, congrats! If not, it's better to find out sooner than later.

This article was originally published at Guest of a Guest. Reprinted with permission from the author.