Yikes! Does Fighting 24/7 Mean Your Marriage Is Over? [VIDEO]


Before your next fight, watch THIS!

Just by taking a simple glance at your own marriage or relationship, you can admit that William Shakespeare was definitely onto something when he said "The course of true love never did run smooth." Let us paint a picture for you. There is nothing worse than coming home after a long day at work, only to immediately be pulled into a fight with your spouse over something that is so mundane—What's even worse is when you don't know why you're fighting in the first place! Because when the constant fights start to blend into each other, that's when you know that you have a major problem on your hands.

How do we get to the point where anything we say automatically turns into a high conflict situation?

If we're being totally honest, we don't know what's scarier: Not being able to understand why there is so much conflict in our relationships or not knowing whether or not the constant arguing is a sign that our marriage is over. But even though you may fight all of the time, that doesn't mean that your marriage can't be saved...does it?

Are we destined for divorce? Just what are the implications for our future as a couple?

For some reason, arguments have a nasty habit of resurfacing from time to time. Trust us; we've all been there. We'll fight about something one day (like the dirty dishes in the sink!), only for our partner to constantly bring it up anytime he is upset. If it seems like all you ever do is fight nowadays, these tips on stopping the conflict in its tracks are your best bet.

In fact, hearing Dr. Tammy Nelson, Imago Institute's Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt, LCPC Tony Victor, LMFT Sue Butler and Certified Sex Therapist Kimberly Anderson get into the nitty gritty of marriage and what it takes to make things work got us thinking about everything we need to change in our own relationships. There are so many ways to take the edge off, but you have to be willing to take the first step.