5 Types Of Couples Headed STRAIGHT For Disaster

couple disaster

Are you one half of a doomed couple?

By Ashley Kaylor

Finding love is fabulous. We're all for holding hands, cute texts, and sharing your life with that special someone.

But whether you've been in one yourself, or know someone who has, you've probably experienced one of those relationships that has just been doomed from the start. She's a gold digger, he's too clingy, they're both drama queens, etc.

Think you might be one half of one of these couples? Put the phone down, stop leaving him voicemails, and check out these types right now.

1. Stage 5 Clingers

"You have 15 NEW voicemails."

Um, how is that possible? You just left each other five minutes ago. YIKES! Unfortunately this is possible if you're dating a wacko. What some people tend to forget is that an overload of incessant phone calls and texts doesn't make you look cute, it just makes you look crazy.

Our advice for the one who needs to get a grip: No one needs an hour by hour update of your ever so exciting life. We're sure you'll let us know on Facebook.

And for the oblivious one, here are two options: turn your phone off or start running for the door. Or, do both.

2. Desperados

"Hmm, I'm not sure what toilet paper to buy, I should call my beau and see what he thinks." Girlfriend, unless you're calling your guy an ass, we're sure he doesn't give a sh*t! (Yes, pun intended.)

This couple relies on each other for EVERYTHING. The thought of spending an hour apart is depressing. The thought of spending a day apart, well that's just tragic.

Our advice? Get a life...you both need one.

3. Gold Diggers

"Money in the bank, shawty what you drank?" (Thanks Lil Scrappy.)

This couple is only together because of one thing—a fat bank account! In this dysfunctional relationship, someone is swimming in dough, and the other is drowning in debt, hence their ongoing arguments. But don't worry, this couple will always try and rekindle their love with lavish gifts. Sad, but true.

Advice: Try spending your money wisely, i.e. on yourself. See how fast your "love" fizzles.

4. Couch Potatoes

"We barely talk. We never go out, and our sex life is non-existent." Are you referring to your roommate or your "romantic" partner? Eek!

This couple is OVER, yet they refuse to admit it. Why? Because they're lazy. They've been in their relationship so long, that they've become complacent. They refuse to try and make it work and make excuses when questioned.

We give up on these two, just like they have. Why would someone want to venture out and find happiness? That's just crazy talk. Hope you enjoy your roommate!

5. Drama Queen

"I’m never speaking to him again. We're OVER!" A day later: "We just had a bad week, we're working it out." Bad week? We think you mean bad year, and when we say year, we're also referring to the four bad years prior to this one.

This couple is exhausting. They love each other. They hate each other. They break up. They make up. And lucky for us, this couple shares their sob story every step of the way. Cue eye roll!

Advice: make up your minds and be happy!

This article was originally published at Guest of a Guest. Reprinted with permission from the author.