How Chivalry Can Either Help OR Hurt Your Relationship [VIDEO]

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Unpopular opinion: Chivalry should go BOTH ways!

We have to be honest. When we think of the word chivalry, the first word that usually comes to mind isn't equality. Ever since we were kids, we've been taught that being chivalrous involves your guy holding the door for you and offering to buy dinner. Despite popular belief, chivalry isn't just about men taking care of women.

In fact, it doesn't necessarily be about Prince Charming riding on a white horse, coming to save the day. We think it's safe to say that our times are progressive enough that it should go a little deeper than that!

Author Lisa Steadman puts it brilliantly when she asks the question: "If you set the tone in the beginning of a courtship where everything is on the guy and he's doing all the work, then what's a woman going to expect down the road when suddenly he's leaving his socks and his underwear on the floor? Where did the chivalry go?"

Hearing author Charles Orlando say that "there's something to be said for treating a woman like a woman" really gets us thinking about why chivalry should go BOTH ways. Expecting our date to always be in control won't get us anywhere.

So, what do you think? Does wanting our relationships to be on equal footing mean that chivalry can't exist? Let us know in the comments below!