We Spent 24 Hours Together Indoors ... With No Electricity

couple kissing by candlelight

What was once romantic in the first few hours became tiring.

It was Hurricane Sandy. We had not prepared because, honestly, not many New Yorkers did. Granted, we were one of the many who had stocked up on wine from Trader Joes, but the important stuff like food and extra candles was the stuff we'd have to scrounge up after the storm had subsided.

At first, it's almost a romantic thought to be living by candlelight for 24 hours. It's as though we were in a Jane Austen book, and I finally got to be Lizzie and he could be my Mr. Darcy. But, as we learned, this generation of technology-obsessed people just can't do it very well. We're lost without our power.

What was awesome: Despite the destruction, which we didn't know about in the beginning hours of the storm, it was really exciting once the electricity went out. As the wind blew wildly and we heard things crashing about outside, we messed around in bed and played Scrabble by candlelight. We also learned how charming it is to cook pasta in the dark and how lighting a gas stove with a small match is a practically deadly idea. It's always awesome when lessons are learned.

What went wrong: We didn't have electricity! So, boredom kicked in after not too long. 

What was once romantic in the first few hours became tiring. Eventually the candles, that were already well-used, burned down to little nubs, and the only flashlight we had was dwindling. We ended up turning it off to preserve the power, but with the entire city without electricity we were literally sitting in complete darkness by the end of the 24 hours. It's really hard to do anything in darkness… even sex (you tend to knock each other around a bit.) There were battle wounds from walking into things and tripping over things. (Apparently, I should have cleaned up better before such an event.) At that point, the charm was long gone.

What was surprisingly easy: It's really easy to make such an experience into an adventure. It's like we were camping, but we were in the middle of New York City inside. So, maybe it wasn't like camping at all, but it did start out with the same enthusiasm. It's also really easy to drink six bottles of wine in just a few hours when there’s nothing else to do. Although I guess this shouldn’t be very surprising.

How it ended: We eventually fell asleep. What else could we possibly do? There's only so many times you can have sex and play the ONE board game you own in almost complete darkness. We tried to stay up, but the boredom was so intense, I'm surprised we didn't gouge out each other's eyes just to break the monotony. We also started to get hungry, and had already consumed all the pasta. As New Yorkers, we're solely dependent on delivery, and no one was delivering that night.

What I'd change: Nothing. As I said, it was an adventure. We had a good time, for as long as we could, then realized our generation had doomed us. Damn this generation! It was also disheartening to face the reality that I'm no Lizzie and he's no Mr. Darcy. That was probably the biggest tragedy of all.