What To Do When He's Just Not That Into You


Getting rejected isn't the end of the world. Here's how to deal.

Honestly, there's nothing worse than finally meeting the guy of our dreams and having the perfect first date, only for him to bail (and pretty much disappear) after we make plans to see each other again. The part that drives us crazy is the fact that it really seemed like we hit it off on the date, and all signs pointed to a second one. Nowadays, putting outselves out there and jumping back into the dating pool is hard enough as it is without having to crack the code on so many mixed signals. Seriously, does love at first sight even exist anymore?

Matchmakers Paul C BrunsonPeggy WolmanJasbina AhluwaliaMichelle Jacoby, and Marla Martenson's advice on how to deal with being rejected by someone we've totally fallen head over heels for couldn't have come at a better time. Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in trying to figure out why things didn't work out that we don't realize that getting rejected really isn't the end of the world. It's important to remember that it's better that he didn't feel enough of a connection to want to make plans instead of deciding to just string us along. When we do meet the right guy, he'll go out of his way just to be with us. We definitely agree with the experts' suggestion to test the waters by going out on multiple dates instead of dating one guy at a time; it's better to keep our options open than to limit ourselves to just one guy.