20 Different Ways To Kiss That You Need To Try At Least Once

Bring some variety to your kissing style.

Last updated on Apr 24, 2024

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Kissing is a romantic signal you can exchange as lovers and shows you care about your loved ones. There are different types of kisses, and some people prefer different types of kisses. Like all things in life, we have varying tastes and preferences. Learning your partner's preferences can make a kiss endearing, so you immerse in the moment and let your lips lead.

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Here are 20 different ways to kiss you need to try once in your life:

1. The across-the-room kiss

This is a kiss you toss to your lover while in the crowd. With this kiss, you pucker your lips and make a kissing gesture, which will signal to your partner you love them or are encouraging them.

2. The I want more kiss

This is a kiss you offer your partner in return after they lean in for a peck while you are in the mood for a deep kiss.

3. The biting kiss

This is a kiss you will end with a playful bite. Mostly, it happens after your partner has offered you long, sensual kisses, which you end with a soft bite of the partner's lip.


4. The butterfly kiss

For this kiss to work, you move your faces close together so your eyelashes touch. The touching of the eyelashes symbolizes butterfly wings, which bring out a tickling sensation during the kissing.

5. The crush kiss

For this kiss, hold them tight before you open your mouth. After opening your mouth, kiss them but with no tongue. After a few moments, you will be feeling each other.

6. The curious kiss

This is a kiss to test whether you still feel close to each other. You will start with your mouth closed while making body contact. End the kiss before you open your mouth because it is not meant to last too long.


7. The earlobe kiss

It is used to steam up your next kiss. Just move closer to your partner's earlobe and nibble their earlobe. You can also bite lightly. After biting, breathe softly into their ear. The warm air will make them feel you.

8. The nose rub kiss

It is more like a butterfly kiss. For this kiss, you bring your noses close together and rub them. The kiss replaces lips with noses.

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9. The double-cheek kiss

This is used to say hello or goodbye, where people kiss on the cheeks. For this kiss, one person's lips almost touch another person's skin next to the person's cheeks.

10. The exploratory kiss

This is the type of kiss you might try after you have started your relationship and exploring physical intimacy. It will involve different types of kisses because you are not sure what each of you likes most. It can include pecks, mouth kisses, and butterfly kisses.

11. The French kiss

French kissing might be the most common intimate kiss. It involves kissing with your tongue. For it to work well, you must check on their movements and allow room to breathe freely through your nose.




12. The friendly kiss

This kiss is meant to show affection to your friends. You kiss while your mouth is closed to avoid sending the wrong signals. The kiss should be short and sweet.

13. The gallant kiss

This is a kiss where you kiss someone on the hand as a show of admiration and respect.

14. The icy kiss

It involves kissing your partner while you have a piece of ice in your mouth, which you will pass using your tongue. It is a great kiss that can stimulate your partner.


15. The motherly kiss

This is a kiss on someone's forehead as a sign of affection, friendship, or comfort.

16. The I don't want a kiss

When someone you do not want to kiss or show affection tries to surprise you in a crowded place with a kiss. You can turn away or raise the palm of your hand and say, "No".



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17. The sensual kiss

This is a kiss you will give your partner's neck. Because the area around the neck is sensitive, it will make your partner tingle. It is a favorite kiss for sensualists.

18. The thank-you kiss

This is suitable after a first date with consent. It shows appreciation for the time you have spent together. It is a kiss offered on the cheek.

19. The therapeutic kiss

For this, you will kiss the bridge of your partner's nose. It can release stress.


20. The upside-down kiss

Have your partner lay their head back on your lap and kiss their lower lip with your upper lip and vice versa.

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