8 Tiny Ways Polyamory Can Actually Save Your Relationship

Learn more about yourself, your relationship, and strengthen your bond.

Last updated on Apr 25, 2024

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An open relationship is when two people are together but agree to see other people. Otherwise known as a non-monogamous relationship or polyamory. In open relationships, exchanges can be intimate with one or more people. Open relationships can be broken down into three common categories.

  1. Multi-partner relationships: both partners are non-monogamous
  2. Hybrid relationships: one partner is monogamous and the other is non-monogamous
  3. Swinging: a couple in a committed relationship engages in sex as a social activity or for recreation

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Here are 8 tiny ways polyamory can save your relationship:

1. There's varied sex

No matter how much you love your partner, there can be a need for someone else. Maybe you want to try something different that your partner doesn't like. Partners can have differing sexual preferences that don't necessarily match yours, but you could explore it with other people.

2. You have freedom

Open relationships give you the freedom to be with other people you're attracted to. It removes the frustration of feeling guilty when someone makes a move on you and allows you to explore your sexuality.


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3. It's casual

If you want to be in a steady relationship but are afraid of commitment, an open relationship can provide the perfect solution.

4. You control your sexual satisfaction

If you and your partner have different sex drives, you can look for a person who will be able to satisfy you. This also can apply to people in a long-distance relationship.

5. You and your partner can solve differences

Open relationships are great for solving differences. Sex with different people can give you a new perspective to think about your relationship.

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6. There are other options for companionship

Partners sometimes can't always fulfill the need for companionship, which can be solved with an open relationship.

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7. It creates a challenge

Relationships need challenges. Facing the challenge of attachment or possessiveness could help partners work on their relationship problems.

8. You meet like-minded people

Open the possibilities of meeting new people with similar interests and ideas, who can also add to your sense of intimate connection.

Open relationships are great and have the potential to solve numerous challenges a couple faces and allow you to explore other forms of intimacy. When a partner in a relationship gets into sexual relationships with different people, they learn more about their sexuality and preferences.




Learning about yourself causes you to know what you want and results in better sex. Getting tips from different sexual partners will also improve performance. Another way open relationships lead to great sex is when a partner opts for it due to differences in sex drive. People in an open relationship can find sex more pleasing.

Having an open relationship helps you appreciate your partner and strengthens your bond, and many couples even join open relationship dating websites together as a sign of trusting one another.


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Mike Hatcher is a coach and writer who offers advice for couples about open and other alternative relationships.