3 Surprising Reasons Why Swingers Are Happier And Healthier Than Most People

Swinging could enhance your relationship.

Last updated on Apr 28, 2024

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Many couples are opting to take part in the "swing lifestyle" — where they openly share physical intimacy with other partners — mostly because the lifestyle offers them something that has been lacking in their lives and breaks up the monotony.

If you're reading this, you're still debating whether to give swinging a shot. It sounds intimidating. There's a stigma that surrounds swingers, but the reality of the lifestyle is very different.


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Here are 3 surprising reasons swingers are happier and healthier than most people:

1. Swingers divorce less often

After couples decide to join a "swing lifestyle," they seem to have a much stronger relationship. And I think we all agree that divorce isn't a good thing. Don't believe me? There's evidence that suggests couples who swing together have lower divorce rates than monogamous couples.

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2. Fantasies are fulfilled, not repressed

Interested in trying out something new? Always wanted to try that one thing? Well, unless you're open to swinging, it might not happen if it is a deal breaker for your partner. There are also other fun social activities, such as attending swingers clubs and parties, that you'll be able to experience once you become a swinger, which is great because it can help normalize exploring your desires.

Chances are, there are tons of people who have the same fantasies as you and your partner, so meeting those people and socializing with them can encourage you to take the leap and try something you've always wanted to try.

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3. Swingers communicate more with their partners

Swingers are open-minded people. As you meet more and more people like you, you'll end up discussing different issues in your life that will probably help you develop a deeper relationship with your partner.


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Because couples who swing are more open to sharing their feelings with each other, they're better able to solve relationship issues. And better communication almost always equals a better, healthier, and more fulfilling intimate life.

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Mike Hatcher writes about open relationships, swinging and intimacy, and relationship advice for alternative lifestyles.