Tune Turn-Offs: 7 Women Share Their Music Dealbreakers

guy playing guitar

"'You've probably never heard of them' makes me lose interest faster than him crying about his ex."

We'd never try to come between a guy and his favorite band — unless, of course, his favorite band is still Limp Bizkit.

What other music dealbreakers caused these ladies to lose interest? Read on for what they had to say about the tunes that turned them off.

1. Bad Parameters

"I recently went on a first date with a guy, and when I and asked him what type of music he likes, and he told me, 'anything from Limp Bizkit to the Backstreet Boys. That should NEVER be your parameters for music!" -Megan, 27

2. Metal and Russian Choirs

"Heavy metal and the Russian red army choir (my first college boyfriend). What a headache. Especially when his iTunes was on shuffle during sex..." -Shannon, 25

3. EDM (with all the trimmings)

"I was on a date with a guy whose taste in music wasn't necessarily bad, but vastly different than mine. As we were sitting at this nice French restaurant, he started telling me about the best time he ever had...at an EDM concert in Vegas. I cracked a joke saying, 'Oh, did you wear a neon tank top?' and he said, 'Yeah, how'd you know?' Never again." -Erica, 26

4. Sappy Country Music

"I can't date a guy who is really into country. They always try to get me to go to these cook-offs, with all of those really cheesy bands singing all these really sappy love songs. Not for me." -Amira, 31

5. Beethoven

"I was dating one of those sweet, sensitive types who had a thing for classical music, so I decided to give it a shot. He put his iPod on one night while I was over his place, and just as we were about to take our hook-up to the next level, that song from the Beethoven soundtrack came on (you know, that movie with the St. Bernard?). Completely killed everything." -Tara, 34

6. Sad Emo Songs

"One time in high school, an older guy that I had an AP class with asked if I wanted a ride home. I was so psyched, until he put on an original mix CD of his favorite emo songs. How does anyone listen to that? It's so depressing, and not attractive at all." -Stephanie, 26

7. Hipster Bands You've Probably Never Heard Of

"When I ask what a guy's favorite band is, the hipster phrase 'you've probably never heard of them' makes me lose interest faster than him crying to me about his ex. First of all, I follow a lot of local music, so maybe I do know who you're talking about, and second, it just sounds so stuck up, like knowing about this band before they got big somehow puts your music tastes a cut above the rest. Get over yourself." -Ophelia, 29