This Couple Clearly Did Not Sign A Social Media Agreement

Relationships: This Couple Did Not Sign A Social Media Agreement

When in doubt, do not upload!

What would you do if you came home drunk, acted all drunk-cute but kinda silly, and your loving husband not only recorded you but uploaded the video to YouTube? I would plot a slow death for him (arsenic anyone?), but that's just me. Not sure what the wife in this video did when it was released, but one thing is for sure: she did not sign a Social Media Agreement. What's that you ask? It's an agreement that will save you from eternal embarressment on the internet. You know, the place where nothing can really get deleted and where gif roundups can be made from even the most mundane video. 

And sure, this girl and her cheeses are cute and endearing but the damage from embarrassing videos can last a lifetime. Have kids and want full custody in a divorce? Nope, sorry. Not for the drunk lady who uses Goldfish and string cheese to make a grilled cheeses sandwhich. Promotion at work? Unlikely. Living a full day without someone mocking your drunk self? Unthinkable. And all because a hubby thought it would be cute to embarress his lovely wife on the internet. So. Not. Worth. It. 

Now there is a chance that this video might be fake, (Jimmy Kimmel, is that you?!) But even if it is, people should not try to replicate it in real life. Why would you want to embarress your spouse for all the internet to see? Sure, she looks cute and it's not that bad (maybe she got her makeup done in advance?) but it still isn't the nicest thing to do. Even though he asks her if he can post it, everyone knows (thanks to Dr. Phil) that a drunk yes is not consent. Because drunk people don't know what they're talking about! I mean, she's eating a cheese sandwich made out of goldfish while slowly stripping her clothes off; she's not exactly in her right mind. 

If you want to avoid the same fate, sign a Social Media Agreement with your partner. Seriously. Doodle some words about how you'll ruin their life if they post unflattering (or just embarrasing, whatever) videos of you online and send to your lawyer ASAP. It will make a huge difference in your drunk nights.