No Models Allowed: 9 Men Reveal Their Career Dealbreakers

woman putting on makeup

No luck for artists either.

Last week, the ladies told us which careers won't work for them when it comes to dating. As it turns out, these 9 men have some different reasons for why they won't be dating the next big movie star or "Type A" doctor. Read on to see what they had to say!

1. Models/TV Personalities

"Models and television personalities are particularly difficult to date. I was unsuccessfully married to a television news reporter for three years and have been around models for years." -Peter 45

"My ex was an on-air personality, and guys would throw themselves at her all the time. That was a dealbreaker for me, because I didn't want to deal with guys like that, and I'd have to get involved. It's hard to see someone you care about be put in danger by their fans just because of the work that they're doing." -Andrew, 23

2. Artists

"My ex-girlfriend was an art major. I was always weary because honestly, what are you going to do as an art major? She started talking about cake design and things of that sort, and it just didn't seem like she would be able to split rent in the future as a bakery worker ..." -Christopher, 26

3. Physician

"I'm a physician, and my ex-wife is also a physician. We butted heads constantly. We are both alphas and couldn't make it work no matter how much we loved each other. So as I was dating, I promised myself I wouldn't marry another physician. My current wife is an occupational therapist and is perfectly happy letting me lead on everything except decorating our home. The best part is I am much happier and my current marriage works a hell of a lot better."  -Scott

4. Lawyers

"My worst [dating] experiences involved lawyers. Their personalities and income expectations for the most part did not mesh with mine. They were looking for more 'masters of the universe' types of men, more upscale than what I could provide as a mere corporate communications professional for accounting and law firms. I could just tell on a first date, if we even reached that stage, that we were not connecting." -Van, 56

5. Carpenters

"I know this sounds terrible, and I respect all the women carpenters out there, but I'm not going to go ahead and date one. I want my girlfriend to do the non-carpentry work, and leave building things to me." -Jose, 31

6. Actresses

"Even though it's for a professional reason, watching my girlfriend make out with another guy for a play or in a movie would be uncomfortable for me to watch. It would strike me as too personal of an act to see past." -John, 24

7. Strippers

"Strippers. I like the intimacy of a one-on-one relationship, and I don't like sharing." -Quinn, 25

8. Almost anything goes as long as you're pretty and nice...

"Unless she was a prostitute, porn star, or mob hitwoman, there aren't any careers men would write off, especially if we're talking about dating. I know there is this overwhelming desire these days to pretend that men and women have similar standards, but the reality is that guys care primarily if the woman is beautiful, and secondarily, if she's nice. Someone who looks like Kate Upton could be a CEO, a doctor, a sanitation worker, a bartender, barmaid, or bar owner— guys don't care. Someone who is unattractive and not nice could be a Nobel laureate, the holder of 40 patents, and the fire chief — guys don't care." -John, 40