Moving In Together: Should You Rent A 1- Or 2-Bedroom Apartment?

couple unpacking boxes

How to settle the big question.

After many months of debating whether you should take that next big step, you and your significant other have finally agreed on moving in together. But now you realize that the next big question is: will you move into a 1-bedroom apartment or 2-bedroom apartment?

Here are a few things to make sure you take into consideration before making the move:

1. Figure Out Your Furniture
Whenever you get a free moment before the big day, take the time out to fully assess the furniture you both have in your separate places. It’s very likely that you’ll have duplicate sofas, beds, dressers and coffee tables. Sit down with your guy and girl and figure out whose items are worth tossing or keeping. If your sofa is in better shape than his but you absolutely LOVE his coffee table, why not combine and keep both? That way, you’ll save money and avoid a headache arguing over the best décor for the new spot.

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