Why Andi Dorfman? Why Would You Quit Your Assistant D.A. Job?


Has Andi Dorfman's search for love on 'The Bachelorette' derailed her promising career?

Andi Dorfman is currently enjoying life as The Bachelorette. And why shouldn't she? She had over a dozen suitors vying for her affection while on national TV. That's gotta inflate a girl's ego. But has Dorfman's search for love and 'The One' derailed her professional aspirations and her career?

Dorfman, 27, recently quit her gig as an Assistant District Attorney in Fulton County, Georgia. Us Weekly and The Atlanta Journal Constitution confirmed reports that the new reality queen bee has no plans to return to the job from which she took an unprecedented and unpaid leave of absence in order to pursue love. At the time, her boss, who granted the leave, said the request was unusual, but he still gave his employee the room to return. She was due back on the job on May 31.

But she's not going back.

Dorfman also offered no details on her post-The Bachelorette plans thus far.

We can't help but wonder: Has Andi Dorfman been bitten by the fame bug? While she expressed the thrill that comes from putting the bad guys away, thanks to a job she adored, she was also stoked to find love and to stoke the fires of her personal life. With spoilers indicating that she and Josh Murray found love on the show and are now together, has Dorfman chucked a great job?

It's not obvious why she wouldn't go back to a job that was held for her. Is she thinking clearly? Did Andi Dorfman bolt because she has a new hubby on the horizon, one with whom she can start a family or who will bring home the bacon instead?

If her new love with Mr. Murray is in the honeymoon phase, she might be so overwhelmed by a whirlwind of emotion that she isn't thinking about the job she worked so hard to get. She sold herself as a career woman and even stated that becoming an attorney was her biggest accomplishment in her Bachelorette bio, so it's shocking that she quit. Being an assistant D.A. at her age in a major city like the A-T-L is no joke. What kind of career woman would give that up?

If it was for love, then we get it. We'd sever a limb for love, but we know we would do that when not thinking rationally.

But then again, maybe Andi Dorfman's search for love was so passionate that it became more important to her than a job. Maybe she would be happy waiting tables as long as it meant she was with her man? We can respect that, for sure. But it's a bit of a mental splinter for us since Dorfman seemed like The Bachelorette who could and would have it all. 

Also, many contestants on such shows audition and compete in hopes of finding fame as actors or in the entertainment field, with the show being a mere stepping stone to such fame. Dorfman's resume was the antithesis of that. She didn't seem fame-hungry.

But did she become so?

Did Andi Dorfman jet from her job because she got a sweet taste of fame that is inherent in being a reality star? It's sweet for now, but it can and often does sour ... quickly. Dorfman expressed excitement at the fact that men were flying all over the country to meet her and to seek out her love. That in and of itself is intoxicating and that's not unique to Andi Dorfman. So we would understand if she was sipping mightily from the Kool-Aid cup of fame. Really, we would.

But how have other Bachelorettes fared, post-show? Fame is fleeting. We all get those precious 15 minutes and they fly by. Rare is the person who can extend them to 30 or even 60 minutes.

Dorfman may be flying high, with fame as her fuel, but she'll quickly learn than you can only coast on the fumes for so long. Kate Gosselin is a prime example of the public's furious but fastly fading obsession with reality stars. There may be opportunities for another reality show, book deals, fashion endorsements and other lucrative revenue streams that come from her role as The Bachelorette, but those are not infinite and they dry up as the next crop of wannabes rise to the surface. It's a never-ending cycle that spits people out. 

And let's be honest, besides obsessive, diehard fans or those who chronicle the series in the media, who of us can name past Bachelorettes other than Trista Sutter? Go ahead, we'll wait while you fire off a name. Don't cheat. Don't go looking on Wikipedia.

What's that we hear? Again, the sound of crickets.

Remember this is all speculative. Dorfman could be prepping for another legal eagle job. Perhaps she quit because she had to. Or she could be weighing her options as she basks in the glow and the glory of finding new love. Any of these scenarios are her God-given right. But signing up for a reality show also means we're allowed to pick apart and analyze decisions. #TheHighPriceofFame.

All we can say is that we're disappointed because we rooted for Andi Dorfman because she was the career-driven, enterprising and young professional who deserved her shot at love. She was an indicator that you can have it all.

Now, we're not so sure.