Courtney Robertson Spills On Ben Flajnik And Sex With Celebs!

'The Bachelor' Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson

Courtney Robertson keeps it classy and dishes on her sex life with Ben Flajnik -- and more.

Courtney Robertson is coming clean about getting dirty with Bachelor star Ben Flajnik, as well as a few other celebrities, in her new book I Didn't Come Here To Make Friends: Confessions Of A Reality Show Vixen.

In one of her confessions, Robertson, who nabbed an engagement ring from the least attractive Bachelor to date before splitting seven months later, says that the night she interrupted Flajnik's date with another contestant to go skinny dipping, they did, indeed, do the nasty.

"Yes, Ben and I did have sex in the ocean. On-camera," Robertson boasts. "It was immediate but it was only for about twenty seconds, and um, it was just the tip."

Thanks for sharing, doll.

Robertson also lets the world know that Bachelor producers and cast members may not necessarily care about safe sex. She revealed, "Ten minutes after we were in the cottage, the camera crews, handlers, and producers scrammed, and we were completely alone for the first time ever. We immediately ripped each other's clothes off and had intense, passionate sex on the couch in front of the fire. Producers had left a cell phone for use in case of emergency, but they did not leave us any condoms."

Of course, there's an element of personal responsibility (or lack thereof) at play here as well: If they had a feeling it was going to happen, why wouldn't at least one of them prepare? (Probably for the same reason they're on The Bachelor in the first place: A lack of self-respect and a dire thirst for attention of any kind, even if that attention would end with antibiotics someday.)

Still, Robertson thinks it was worth it, adding, "We did every position under the sun, but I believe I sealed the deal when we successfully completed the reverse cowgirl. After sexual interlude number two, a sweet, slow lovemaking session in the bedroom, Ben and I lay facing each other, snuggling. We fit really well together."

Robertson also dished on her sexual relations with other celebrities, including Jesse Metcalfe, who she dated in 2005, griping, "'I can't lie. The sex was pretty average. Jesse needed a lot of reassurance." She also claims that Entourage star Adrian Grenier had both the hugest penis and bush she'd ever seen, but denies that she and Grenier "had actual sex."

Phew. Her dad must be so proud! In related news, if this makes the New York Times bestseller list, expect Sylvia Plath to reanimate just to do herself in again.