Love Bytes: First Comes Love, Then Comes Disappointment


Plus, this month is the perfect time for getting frisky!

Wonder what life is like after dating? It may not be as pretty as you think when you finally find your happily ever after... (The Frisky)

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Beyonce and Jay-Z prove to us once again that they are the world's most adorable couple at the Met Gala. Here's to believing in love again. (The Gloss)

Metal heads and fluffy kittens make a surprisingly adorable combination. (Catster)

Does he like me? Does he like me not? Don't stress, this is how to figure out if a shy guy likes you. (Gurl)

Mother's Day right around the corner and we are reminded of all of those times when mother was always right. So what advice does she have on dating? Find out. (Essence)

There's nothing sexier than some five o'clock shadow. However, stylishly trimmed beards are definitely in! (ModernMan)

Being a woman is hard. The blood moon is beautiful, but woman aren't a fan of the monthly eclipse. (DearVagina)

Marriage is about love, but it's also about commitment. Be smart about your life partner. (CupidsPulse)

Men are simple creatures. Here are ten beauty trends that baffle your man. (SheFinds)

Life is about balance. You can't rock Louboutins every day of the week, but you can own as many as you want. (CupidsPulse)

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Don't let people tell you that single isn't hot stuff. There's nothing better than the sensual smell of fresh, single-serve coffee. (HiConsumption)

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9 common dreams and whether you're crazy or not for having them.Your dreams can tell you a lot about yourself. And sometimes, dreams can be extremely weird. Don't fret. Here are some interpretations to help you decipher your sleepy-time encounters! (Guyism)

I like big boobs and I cannot lie. They come with problems, you can't deny, but sometimes, they're worth it. (DearVagina)

Some guys have preferences and women like to accommodate. The Brazilian butt lift is increasing in popularity. How do you feel about the procedure? (Celebzter)

It's all about the chase, but playing games is incredibly uncool. No one wants their feelings to be toyed with. (A New Mode)

Why do we lie? Honesty is always the best policy, but sometimes, lying is unavoidable. (A New Mode)

Twitter continues to bring out the worst in people. (BroMyGod)

Think you're punny? Puns are making a comeback. (BroMyGod)

Dating continues to get more and more convoluted with the youngest generation of high school students. It makes me glad that I've left it behind. (The Gloss)

The Biebs is back at the terrible relationship games. He tries to save face and ends up making himself look more unattractive than cool. (The Gloss)