Grab A Cookie: How Being 'Hangry' Is Messing Up Your Relationship

couple fight

But there's good news about how you can get your "hangriness" under control.

In his memoir, A Moveable Feast, Ernest Hemingway recounted his days when he was a young struggling writer in Paris with a wife and a new baby. Having yet to procure the success that would come later in life, the writer was often hungry, a theme he wrote about a lot in the book, but he also felt that hunger attributed to his ability to see art more accurately and with a clearer vision. Whenever he was hungry, Hemingway would frequent museums and, sometimes, that was his "meal."

While Hemingway may have been able to turn hunger into a sort of romantic notion, the reality is that, for most, nothing in the world does quite a number on people's tolerance for others like a hungry stomach. In fact, new studies have found that hunger pangs make for excessive arguing amongst couples.

Dr. Brad Bushman from Ohio State University conducted a study using voodoo dolls, of all things, to test his theory. For 21 days, both male and female participants were told to stick up to 51 pins in the doll (meant to represent their partner) at the end of every day based on the degree of anger they felt toward their spouse. In addition, the participants used a blood glucose meter to record their blood sugar levels in the morning and at night. The results? That "lower blood glucose in the evening coincided with more pins being stuck in voodoo dolls."

Although women were the ones sticking more pins in their dolls, the difference between them and the guys wasn't significant enough to offer up the stereotype that women are "crazier" than men. The findings, however, straight-up proved that hunger, which can lead to crankiness and pretty much a disdain for everyone around us, is exactly what being "hangry" is all about, and it's those closest to us who suffer our wrath. Even those in really great, healthy relationships can fall prey to arguments that being "hangry" can cause.

But the best part? The greatest way to get you anger under control is to eat a sugary snack, ideally something with chocolate in it. I know! I was excited that some study suggested I eat chocolate to get my "hangriness" under control, too! We already knew that chocolate cures most things, but to know that it can put an end to the anger you feel toward your partner, then it’s even better!

So, the next time your partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, or even a friend, pisses you off, walk straight to the kitchen (or nearest bakery), and get yourself a sweet treat. It's amazing how much everything will come into a far more rational perspective with a cookie in your belly.

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