Is Connie Britton Game For A 'Friday Night Lights' Reunion?

Nashville's Connie Britton

Exclusive! 'Nashville's country queen talks on-screen romances and her real-life role as mom.

After Emmy-nominated turns as the coach's wife in Friday Night Lights and an emotionally tortured wife and mother in American Horror Story, Connie Britton nabbed her coolest role yet as country music queen Rayna James in Nashville, which returns with new episodes tonight on ABC!

Here, Connie, a divorcee and single mom to adopted son Eyob, dishes about Rayna's love life, motherhood, and her upcoming movies. Oh yeah, and her thoughts on a Friday Night Lights reunion.

YourTango: How is it for you juggling work and motherhood?

Connie Britton: The first season was incredibly difficult because it was also my first year of being a mom, learning the hard way how to balance. I was really thrown into the pit with that. That's how it goes with all of us. That's how it is being a mom. You're not prepared until you're in it. The great reward of it is as you start to figure it out. Now that we're in the second season and my son is almost three, it feels like a completely different thing. Every day I feel that I've made a little bit more headway in terms of creating balance in my life. I feel like it's a little victory.

YourTango: What milestones has your son reached?

Connie Britton: My son is a great talker. Every day he says something new and different. It just blows me away. He's now getting to that age where he's starting to have rational thought about things so that's a lot of fun, too. Yesterday I got out of the shower and was changing my clothes and he knocked on my door and opened it and said, 'Hi, Mommy!' and walked out and closed the door behind him. That was a first because before he'd barrel through the door, no sense of privacy.

YourTango: Does he sing?

Connie Britton: Oh yes, he wakes up singing. He'll lie in his crib singing for as long as I'll let him in the morning. That's a big part of our house.

YourTango: Can you spill any secrets about Rayna's romances?

Connie Britton: There's a lot of stuff coming up but I never want to give too much away. Rayna's with Luke Wheeler and I think that's been an interesting relationship. There's always the undercurrent of the Rayna-Deacon relationship, but I also think it's fun to see Rayna as a newly single woman, out there, seeing what it's like to be in a relationship with a different man. That's been really fun — to show what it is for a mature woman who has already lived some life to be in relationships, particularly now that she's been through a divorce. That's such an accessible idea since there are so many people who've been through that.

YourTango: And her ex Teddy is still in the picture.

Connie Britton: I like that we keep dancing around that a little bit. There's a deep connection between them; they were married for a long time and when you go through tragic circumstances you go back to that well. KEEP READING OUR INTERVIEW WITH CONNIE BRITTON!

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