See The Best Award Show Loser Faces Ever!

2014 Oscars Academy Awards Statues

Every star wants to win awards. But these sore losers are far more entertaining.

We're stoked for the Oscars tonight. But let's be real: It's because the sore losers are what really make awards shows worth watching. After all, their reactions are usually more fun to watch than the winners' acceptance speeches!

Oh, calm down, Taylor Swift. Everyone loses to Adele.

Swift improved her sore loser tune at the 2014 Grammys, when she thought her Red won  but it was actually ...

At the 2013 Grammys, Chris Brown refused to stand for Frank Ocean. Because, you know, you needed even more reasons to dislike Chris Brown, right?

The Grammys weren't gaga for Lady Gaga that year, were they?

Faith Hill said this CMA sore loser reaction was just a joke, but we can't lie: We don't believe her.


Someone let Drake know that his glum face isn't helping his soft image.

Tommy Lee Jones isn't just a legendary actor ...


He's a legendary sore loser, too. Grumpy Cat, you've met your match.

Even BFFs Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert get competitive and catty.

Joaquin Phoenix looks like a serial killer here. And apparently Usher agrees.


The Sundance Kid himself, Robert Redford, apparently wasn't a fan of Matthew McConaughey.


Alan Arkin proves once more that he's a national treasure.


Jessica Lange is the real supreme. Look at that shade!

Jessica Chastain and Amy Adams actually practiced their loser faces. And they still look gorgeous. Life is unfair.


Kevin Spacey manages to say what every loser is thinking.

Ben Affleck was a sore loser for Best Director -- even while he won Best Picture -- for Argo.


Here's hoping Leonardo DiCaprio won't go through this again at the 2014 Oscars! (Update: Sorry, Leo...)

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