30 Subtle Ways Your Partner Shows Affection

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Cuddle sessions and pecks on the cheek are nice — but those aren't the only acts of amore!

Welcome to 30 Days Of Love, our one-month initiative to bring you closer to the love you deserve just in time for Valentine's Day. Today, we're shining the spotlight on affection — and its role in a fulfilling relationship.

We all crave the feeling of being loved. And as much as we love our significant other, it can be hard to show affection. Men, in particular, have long been known as the "unaffectionate" ones in a relationship. For whatever reason, it's hard for them to express their feelings without coming across as too "lovey-dovey." But at YourTango, it's no secret that we strongly believe that love is an action word and actions mean more than words when it comes to affection. To reveal the little ways your significant other shows affection (and to inspire you in doing the same), here are 30 little gestures to sneak into your everyday life together that each show just how much you both care.

1. A surprise backrub. There's no better way to unwind then with a good shoulder rub — be prepared to return the favor!

2. Buttoning up your coat as you get ready to brave the blustery cold outside. (Funny, who knew the polar vortex could heat things up?)

3. A brush of fingertips as you pass the salt at the dinner table.

4. A touch to your lower back to get your attention. Did we mention that this is an erogenous zone? Maybe he knows it too.

5. Brewing you a fresh cup of coffee ... while you're working late on that work project.

6. Helping with the house chores, especially when you're feeling pressed for time. And it's been proven through studies that couples who share the load, have happier relationships!

7. Bonding time is always at the top of the list. You never crave "us" time, because you always have it! Your partner makes it a priority to spend time with you whether it's a weekend date night or just an hour of Netflix binge-watching on the weeknight.

8. A little gift out of the blue. No, we don't mean diamonds if you're a woman or expensive gadgets if you're a guy. Even a box of cereal you were just craving to have shows that your partner is in tune with your desires and wants to indulge them!

9. A wink from afar. By flirting with you, your partner is recapturing that romance that sparked your relationship in the first place. (And if you have butterflies, it's totally working, right?)

10. A casual brush-off ... no dust bunnies on your shoulder! Your partner cares about you looking your best.

11. Leaning in ... your partner shows that they're really engaged in conversation.

12. Opening the door for you to walk through first.

13. Coming to your defense — whether that's verbally confronting someone who insults you or simply wrapping their arm around you defensively.

14. Draping a blanket over you when you fall asleep ... they care if you catch a cold!

15. Tucking a loose lock of hair behind your ear.

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