30 Guilty Pleasures To Proudly Partake In Together

guilty pleasures

Nothing bonds you together quite like bad behavior.

Welcome to 30 Days Of Love, our one-month initiative to bring you closer to the love you deserve just in time for Valentine's Day. Today, we're shining the spotlight on guilty pleasures—and their delicious role in a fulfilling relationship.

Being lazy. Being irresponsible. Forgoing moderation. Practiced regularly, these things are a recipe for disaster. But individually, and every now and then? A truly undeniable bonding experience. Here are 30 of our favorite guilty pleasures for couples.

1. TV binge-watching marathon. God created Netflix for a reason. If you devote an entire weekend to Breaking Bad or the Bachelor (no judgment), all we ask it that you shower at least once.

2. Playing hooky. Use this one sparingly and on a day when you'll both be able to truly enjoy yourselves, whether that means leaving just a light workload behind or waiting for the best possible weather (or the worst, depending on how you plan to spend the day!).

3. Midnight fast food run. Taco Bell? Pizza Hut? You only live once. We don't suggest making a habit of it, but just this once, pick your poison and forget about it by the morning (if your intestines let you).

4. Eating in bed. Crumbs in bed: not ideal—perhaps disgusting to some—but honestly, not the worst thing in the world. Kind of deliciously irresponsible every now and then, actually, as long as it's followed by a swift and thorough cleanup.

5. Breakfast for dinner. Pancakes, bacon, eggs: What is it about breakfast food that makes dinner feel so...wrong? But oh so right.

6. Day the amusement park. Who says two adults can't spend a day riding rollercoasters? How else are you supposed to feel like teenagers in love?

7. Long, prune-inducing bath. Fill the tub and soak it up—as long as there's room for two.

8. Shopping spree. Don't drag him to watch you try on shoes (unless he enjoys that sort of thing). Instead, settle on something you're both excited about (electronics, lingerie, ski gear) and set out for some retail therapy.

9. Watching porn. Plenty of couples watch X-rated flicks to enhance their "experience." What goes on between you, your partner and your laptop is your business and honestly, nothing to be ashamed of.

10. Death by chocolate. Raw, belgian, bittersweet—so many varieties to consume, so much pleasure to be had.

11. Cheesy love songs on Spotify or Pandora. Phil Collins? George Michael? Barry Manilow? The keyword here is 'cheesy.' Go big or go home (and remember to turn off your social sharing settings—or just let your freak flag fly).

12. Karaoke. Belt out "Pour Some Sugar on Me," you crazy kids. Sing like no one's listening (and hope that no one is).

13. Luxury hotel splurge. You may not be Beyonce and Jay Z but you can certainly roll like them. Book a stay at a fancy hotel that caters to couples—even if it's just for one evening.

14. A "dining experience." Speaking of busting your budget, here are restaurants, and then there are dining experiences—the kind where reservations are scarce and you plunk down a pretty penny in advance. Plan well, because many of these restaurants don't grant refunds for cancellations.

15. Game night. Cards Against Humanity, anyone?

16. Old photo albums. Hole up at home with old photo albums and take a stroll down each other's memory lanes.  Keep reading...

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