'Bachelor's Kelly Travis: Who's On The Show For The Wrong Reason?

'The Bachelor's' Kelly Travis

Plus, who does Kelly consider her biggest 'Bachelor' competition?

Could it be puppy love between Bachelor hunk Juan Pablo Galavis and resident 'dog lover' Kelly Travis? We bet she's hoping so!

During last week's episode, the bachelorettes were asked to strike a pose with man's best friend during the season's first group date — a sexy photoshoot benefitting Models n Mutts. This must've been right up Kelly's alley, but we're not sure she anticipated dressing up like a dog, spots and all, on her first date with her possible future husband.

She took it like a champ, though, winning Juan Pablo's first group-date rose of the season —making the bald cap and full body paint totally worth it, we're sure.

YourTango: Is there a bachelorette you believe is in the house for the wrong reason?

Kelly Travis: It's hard to take Lucy [Aragon] seriously, just because she made a comment that she doesn't know how she could be a mother when she asks like a child herself. It's kind of hard to take her seriously, and even watching her, I'm sure the audience doesn't take her seriously. She's the only one that you really get the sense of like, 'Hmm, why are you here, Lucy?'

YourTango: Who do you feel is your biggest competition in the house?

Kelly Travis: Right now, my biggest competition is probably Clare [Crawley,] just because she got the first one-on-one date, so there's definitely some initial attraction there.

YourTango: You mentioned in your Bachelor bio that your favorite show is The Bachelor. Did you have any fears knowing the intense drama of past seasons?

Kelly Travis: I was definitely a little apprehensive going into the house. I have never had female roommates, so going into a house and living with 20 other girls — I was truly worried that they were going to be completely nuts. Luckily, we've got great girls in our house, and it wasn't major chaos all the time. But going into it, I was definitely apprehensive about the girls … to have to share things and deal with all these females and deal with their emotions, it was like, 'Oh no, how am I going to get through this?' But it was better than I expected for sure.

YourTango: What's the best love advice you've received?

Kelly Travis: Do what makes your heart beat the fastest; and truly, that's what I've tried to follow. I think that if you follow your heart, and you're doing something that you're passionate about, and you're in love with someone that everyday you want to wake up and do things to make them happy, then you can't go wrong.

YourTango: Do you believe in love at first sight?

Kelly Travis: I believe in lust at first sight; I don't believe in love at first sight. I think love requires being able to overcome so much of whatever life throws at you, and I don't think you can figure that out at the very beginning of meeting someone. Maybe I'm wrong, and maybe it exists, but I personally haven't experienced it. I think that you have to build a friendship with someone in order to get through life's obstacles, and I don't think you can really tell that from first impressions.


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