'Mr Right' Who? 11 Women Make The Case For Dating 'Mr. Right Now'

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Is it okay to be with a guy you know isn't The One'? Ladies discuss being in it for the short haul.

Mr. Right — a guy who treats you well, makes you laugh, has his life together, and could potentially be "the one."

While many of us would like our relationships to end in "I do," sometimes dating someone you know isn't going to be your partner in the long run can be the right thing for you, right then.

Read on for what real women had to say about their reasons for dating a "Mr. Right Now."

"I dated a Mr. Right Now a long time ago, and I did it for the material! He was a pre-ecumenical Catholic, and I was writing a comedy about religion ... and he was attractive enough ... so it was perfect! I got loads of great material for my play, and had a good time too!" — Tara, 31

"I loved my first boyfriend to death ... although he didn't quite get along with my family. For me, it was not a question that my Mr. Right had to be loved by my family. I think I only kept him in my life as Mr. Right Now because it was comfortable. Eventually, he wore on me, and the tension with my family made it hard. He was never going to be Mr. Right, but he gave me the comfort and attention I needed at the time to be my Mr. Right  ... then!" — Christina, 22

"Here's the thing — I know this guy is not right for me. He cannot be trusted, he's arrogant, and can be a tad selfish. But I can't get enough of how he makes me feel. We're silly together, yet have an almost carnal desire for each other. I'm normally a somewhat controlled, semi-conservative person, but he just manages to free all that. Coming from a relationship where I didn't feel desired, this is just what I need and want right now. I can enjoy him, and us, without letting it drive me crazy, and can accept that this has an expiration date." — Melissa, 35

"I dated a guy that I (secretly) referred to as 'the puppy.' He had long, shaggy hair, big bright eyes, and was young and constantly smiling. He also a serious case of ADHD. We made out at a bar one night, and the next day he was attached to my hip. He serenaded me with songs on his acoustic guitar, and made me breakfast every morning. He was devoted, loyal and so adorable. But I knew I could never take him seriously. I felt like he was more of a boy toy than someone I could introduce to my friends. But he built up my ego, so I couldn't let him go. After more than two months of seeing him every day, I came to find out that this puppy didn't belong to only me — he had a girlfriend in his hometown upstate!" — Jordana, 23

"The summer after college I was working at a grassroots non-profit, and met my ex there. We both agreed it wouldn't be good to tell anyone, and the sneaking around made it that much more fun. I knew from the start that it wasn't going anywhere, but after moving home from college, I figured I might as well have a little fun while figuring out what I was going to do with the rest of my life. Sometimes you need the pointless flings to find your focus for the bigger things in life." —Meghan, 26

"My memoir could be titled 'Mr. Right Now.' I found the perfect person to pass the time with, so that I'm not a crazy cat lady until I can find 'the one,' which is about as easy as finding bigfoot." — Maureen, 25

"I dated an Elvis impersonator over the summer, and tried to go out with him again recently. I went out with him because we had the same faith levels, and he was fun and entertaining. I enjoyed being with him, but the nature of the Elvis thing made him very self-centered, and it was just never going to work!" — Eileen, 46

"I was dating this guy in his mid-late 40's. He was super hot, like Hugh Jackman hot. He had a penthouse in NYC, and a thing for big girls like me. He also liked taking me out for expensive shopping trips, and making me learn how to 'city drive' in his Bentley. For a month, I actually felt like a modern day Marilyn, but I was always uneasy, so I told myself not to get used to it. Once I found out that he had a wife and kids in L.A., that was it. The gut is always right." — Ashley, 25

"It seems like the only guys I've ever dated are Mr. Right Nows. I think they all worked for the C.I.A.. There was always a woman calling them on their cell, screaming orders in a foreign accent, and each of them left in the middle of the night without warning — and I never heard from them again. They were really patriots. I guess I have a type!" —Vicky, 35

"I wouldn't do it again, but when you're 23 and he's really hot and makes you laugh, why not do it for a bit? You have to try on a few ill fitting guys to know what fits you best!" — Erica, 25

"I first moved to NYC just after turning 18 — I was starting college, and had just broken up with my high school boyfriend of three years. It was my first time really dating, and it's NYC, so I dated a lot of 'Mr. Right Nows.' There was one in particular I knew would never last, but I didn't care — I'm sure he knew this too! He was much older, very handsome and very well travelled. I got to do lots of fun NYC things with him that I wouldn't have been able to do on a college budget, and we always had an amazing time together. I think we both really enjoyed having the different age perspectives from each other — I was young, carefree and spontaneous, and he was someone I could turn to with very personal issues, knowing I would get an adult response. Some relationships help you grow into the person you are when you finally meet Mr. Right — this was one of mine. I'm with my Mr. Right today, and my Mr. Right Now... we still keep in touch!" — Hannah, 30

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