Oscars 2014! 'The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty's' YOLO Attitude

'The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty'

Live your life with spontaneity before it's too late!

Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller) leads a pretty mundane life. His crush Cheryl (Kristen Wiig) doesn't know he exists, he will probably be laid off when Life magazine goes digital, and his only friend is an eHarmony customer service representative named Todd.

Luckily, all that changes when Walter must go across the world trying to locate the missing cover photo for the last issue of Life. 

Probably the most exciting and adventurous of the potential Oscar nominees, here are five lessons to take away from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

1. Take risks.

Without risk comes little reward. Walter spends his whole life in silence instead of standing up and taking a risk. When picture #25 goes missing, he decides to risk his job and embark on a journey around the world searching for the photographer and the mysterious lost negative. Sometimes in life you have to jump and think later. You will either learn from your mistake or find something wonderful in the risk.

2. Say something before it's too late.

Always watching from a distance, Walter has never mustered the courage to talk to his co-worker and crush, Cheryl. Finally, as he dives into finding the missing picture, he creates a relationship with Cheryl — but she may already have someone. Isn't that always the case? Tell someone now how you feel. What's the worst they can say? They don't feel that way about you? At least you won't sit around wondering what could've been.

3. Life is an adventure.

Walter, in the wise words of Drake: YOLO. From Greenland to New York and to the Himalayas, Walter finally really experiences life. Is it important to have a stable career? Sure. However, sometimes you should just get up and go. Grab your significant other or a friend and go somewhere, even if it's just exploring a nearby neighborhood on a Sunday afternoon! Just get out there!

4. Romance doesn't play out like a love song.

Walter says during the movie that he wants his romance with Cheryl to be like the piña colada song. If you don't know the lyrics, it's about a man who is bored with his partner and wants to escape with someone new and exciting. Unfortunately for Walter, life isn't a song.

5. Reality is better than a fantasy.

Hiding behind his blackouts and his eHarmony dating profile, Walter uses his imagination to avoid acting courageous in real life. At the end of the movie, he asks Todd, the eHarmony service representative, to delete his online profile — signifying the realization that reality is better than a fantasy world. Hiding behind a screen will block out true happiness that can only be found through living. 

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