Oscars 2014! What 'Nebraska' Taught Us About Love


Behind Woody's alcoholism and fake million dollar prizes, 'Nebraska' teaches you a thing or two.

Nebraska is about an elderly man, Woody Grant (Bruce Dern), who is determined to get to Lincoln, Nebraska to collect a $1 million sweepstakes prize. Obviously a scam, his wife Kate (June Squibb) and son David (Will Forte) attempt to talk Woody out of going.

Alas, finally, David offers to take him to claim his prize, stopping in Woody's hometown of Hawthorne, Nebraska where his family learns about the money and are adamant about getting a cut for themselves.

Behind Woody's alcoholism and fake million dollar prizes, Nebraska can teach you some serious love lessons. Plus, it doesn't hurt that one of our favorite SNL alumnus stars in the soon-to-be nominated movie. Here are 5 love lessons from Nebraska:

1. Talk about your goals and plans for the future.

When David asks his father about his relationship with his mother, Woody responds that they never talked about having kids. He just figured that he liked to "screw a lot" and assumed she would get pregnant at some point. It's a smart idea to sit down and talk about children and how you want your life to turn out before you tie the knot.

2. Move forward.

After recently moving out, David's ex-girlfriend Noel turns up at his apartment to drop off some of his belongings. When he asks about getting back together, she explains that they need to break up or get married as long as something happens. After two years of living with someone, you should start to seriously consider whether or not the relationship has a future. 

3. Small towns make for more prospects.

As David's hilarious mother details all the men that wanted to get into her bloomers, she points out an extremely true fact. There are way more eligible men in smaller towns. Living in a big city makes it hard for anyone to meet each other and your chances of finding someone to settle down with is even harder. Next time you're wondering where all the men are, remember Kate's advice on finding them.

4. Sometimes give into the crazy.

Woody is determined to get from Montana to Nebraska so he can collect his $1 million prize money—and even attempts to walk there! David comes to realize the sham is something his father needs to learn on his own, and so agrees to get Woody safely to Lincoln. Sometimes it's important to do things for others—even when you 1000% disagree with them.

5. Don't talk about marijuana too much.

This is another wise lesson from David's mother Kate. When Kate returns to their hometown of Hawthorne, she takes David to the local graveyard to pay her respects. While telling him about all the men who wanted to sleep with her, she pulls her dress up, flashing one of graves, telling the deceased man that he could've had that if he just didn't talk about weed so much. Lesson learned Kate. Lesson learned.


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