8 Notorious TV Nags: Do They Really Deserve Their Bum Rap?

TV Love: Were These 8 TV Characters Really Nags?

Did we mistake their strength for whininess?

Everyone has their own list of TV personalities that they loathe. Janice from Friends, anyone?

While some characters rightfully deserve their Most Annoying scarlet letters, we feel others are simply misjudged.

Scroll through our 'Nag or Not' gallery below, and tell us if you agree in the comments!

Millicent "Mellie" Grant from Scandal: Nag

Mellie is ABC's nagging First Lady to President Grant, who has an ongoing affair with Olivia Pope Bellamy Young's character portrays herself as a politically ambitious woman who demands control and entitlement; however, throughout the series her overall loyalty turns to bitterness from her husband's infidelity. Good luck with that one, Mr. President.
Skyler White from Breaking Bad: Not a Nag
Skyler White, Walter White's wife (try saying that x fast!) on AMC's drama series Breaking Bad, is publicly bashed as the show's antagonist. There is even a Facebook page titled "I Hate Skyler White." (Aggressive, much?) So, is Skyler in fact a nagging TV wife? Perhaps not. She's merely standing her ground against a guy who, well, fans of the show know WW's laundry list of crimes.
Frank Gallagher from Shameless: Nag

Frank Gallagher is an incoherent, alcoholic father of six on Showtime's series Shameless This absent father's ability to manipulate everyone in his life into supporting his drinking habit is both shameless (pun intended) and irritating. While William H. Macy's impressive intoxicated-acting skills make for entertaining television, this self-righteous antagonist is just a huge nag!
Lois Griffin from Family Guy: Not a Nag
Despite being a recovering meth addict, Lois Griffin is the stereotypical television mother on the animated TV series Family Guy Her thick New York accent may make some viewers cringe, but if you can get past the voice, this full-time mom cleans and cooks for her family and even gets a little naughty with S&M. That 'a girl, Lois!
Cameron "Cam" Tucker from Modern Family: Not
 a Nag
Cam: so full of love, humor, and insecurities This Midwestern, drama-queen admits to being the 'sensitive' type on ABC's Modern Family; every time his partner Mitchell opens his mouth, Cam is running to the bedroom in a crying fit. Sigh. Before we're quick to judge, let's recognize how he took on the stay-at-home dad role once Lilly was adopted and always keeps Mitchell's tangents in-check. Deep breathes, Cam, you got this.
Margaret "Peg" Bundy from Married with Children: Nag

Married with Children, Fox's first prime-time TV series about a dysfunctional family, portrayed the perfect persona of a lazy, self-centered wife This mother of two refuses to work, clean or cook and her fave hobbies are watching Oprah and shopping. While Peg Bundy may have rocked television's best bouffant, her attitude was the worst.
Eric "E" Murphy from Entourage: Not a Nag
Vince's best friend and manager, "E" from HBO's comedy-drama series Entourage is a fast-talking, Queens native who protects his BFF with a tough-guy persona However, when Vinny Chase's hot-headed agent Ari Gold caused tension, E stood up for himself -- and his entourage. This 5'7" spitfire may suffer from a bit of Napoleon complex, but he's far from a nag.
Francine "Fran" Fine from The Nanny: Not a Nag
Fran Fine's boisterous New York accent, coupled with her flashy attire, took a little getting used to on The Nanny, especially by Mr Sheffield. Although this Jewish gal from Queens seemed a little annoying, Miss Fine always remained authentic in her personality bringing a no-nonsense, feminine energy back into the stuffy Sheffield household. Eventually, Fran even nagged her way to an engagement in the fifth season. Maybe we could all learn a lesson from this nasally legend!